Social media platforms you CAN’T ignore

Don’t sleep on these platforms. You’ll regret it. Often people try to spread themselves too thin. They go for every social platform they can. But, that usually means they can’t focus enough on any of them as they have too much to juggle. Keep reading to find out the socials you should care about.

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Not every social platform will benefit you or your company. Just because it’s popular, doesn’t mean you need to jump into it. You might find you’re wasting your time on platforms that your audience just aren’t interested in. For example, being a wedding planner, you might need Instagram and Pinterest, but do you need Twitter? Is there much point in spending extra time on it.


Instagram sits at over 1 billion users each month. That’s a lot of potential views to your page. You can explore both business and personal opportunities through the same platform. With Instagram, you can add multiple accounts under one app. From here, you can flick between them at ease.

If you’re questioning whether Instagram is the platform for you, the answer is probably yes. Pretty much everyone uses Instagram in some way or another. Whether it’s for business or their own personal use. Influencers, artists, small and large business all take to Instagram almost daily. It’s a great platform to spread messages and get your name out there.

Typically, teens and young adults are Instagram obsessed, so if your audience fall into these age brackets, you can’t ignore the platform. Within the US Instagram is arguably one of the most popular apps. Once people hit their 40s or over, their interest in the platform has been known to drop. Unless of course they need it for work. This might be something to consider if your audience are over this age.


Facebook has nearly 3 billion monthly users. Therefore, it’s definitely the largest platform. Not only do people use it for business purposes, but also for their every day life. It’s widely known for being a place where friends and family across the world come together to connect. You’ll likely find your audience check their Facebook account daily.

It’s not a platform that has a specific age bracket. Younger teens aren’t flocking to the site like they used to, however it could be argued the majority of people still have an account which they check. With this being said, you should probably consider having a Facebook account for your brand or business. It’s an easy to use site that allows you to share content in a clear way.

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The only issue that occurs with Facebook is, the algorithm. Often the platform will prioritise content from a users friends list over content from brands. While this is great for Facebook users, it isn’t so great for the businesses relying on social platforms. Around 68% of American adults use Facebook on a regular basis. The older people get, the more time they seem to spend on the platform. However, as previously said, Facebook is popular with all ages.


TikTok took the world by storm. It went from being a platform few used, to becoming one of the most used apps around. Since starting up in 2018 it’s become huge. Within the first year alone, TikTok saw over 1 billion downloads to their app. It therefore became one of the top performing apps worldwide. If these numbers are enough to go by, it would suggest you possibly should consider TikTok.

Over half of TikTok’s audience within the United States are under 35. This suggests if your company has a target market of an older generation, you might want to avoid this platform. With this large number being under 35, it might surprise you to know that 48% of TikTok users are aged 10 to 29. That’s some seriously wide margins. Many would argue 10 year olds have no place on a platform like TikTok.

In fact, they’re under the age TikTok allows you to create an account. However, with the platform clearly being very accessible it’s likely you’ll want to get your brand started on there. The more videos you create, the more chance you have of spreading the word. Videos can go viral far easier on TikTok than any other site. Meaning your brand could get far more views than it might across other platforms. Therefore, is it worth considering?


Pinterest is a social platform that acts in a different way to the others. Instead of commenting on people’s posts and sharing your snapshots, it’s a place to share creative work. Brands and businesses use it as a place to bookmark ideas and inspiration for future projects. Whether you’re looking for inspirational quotes, recipes, DIY projects, interior design or practically anything else creative – you can find it on Pinterest.

The platform is known as a place that creativity comes alive. It’s a building block for many brands journeys. Pinterest has over 433 million monthly users. So, you have the potential to have a large audience viewing your content. Or, even providing you with many ideas. Whether you use it for gaining inspiration, or you’re posting directly yourself Pinterest has a place for your business.

Nearly 80% of Pinterest users are women. However, the age range is fairly wide. Within the 18-29 age bracket are 32% of Pinterest users. After this 34% are 30-49 and 38% of users are within the 50-69 range. Whatever your age bracket you’ll find the right audience for you on Pinterest. It’s often overlooked by company’s, but it shouldn’t be. However, there’s no use for it if it’s something you’ll only look at every once in a while. To make Pinterest a success you need to commit to it.

Social media is usually a trial and error process. You might need to give it a go before you realise whether it’s beneficial to your business or not. However, why not start with a personal account? That way, if you give up on it, your brand name won’t be part of it. You can see if there’s space for your company before committing to your own account. After all, it doesn’t look professional when an account sits dormant. So, we’d recommend trying them before you put your brand stamp on it.

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