Are Facebook and Instagram breaking up?

Facebook and Instagram have been joined for quite some time. Even more so when both were put under an umbrella known as Meta. However, now, both platforms have shared information that cross-platform messaging will come to an end very soon.

Are Facebook and Instagram breaking up? GIF of Ross from Friends saying 'we were on a break'

Starting mid-December, Instagram and Facebook are calling it a day… Ok, not quite that dramatic, but they are putting a stop to their cross-platform messaging service. At the moment, Facebook users can message Instagram users and vice versa.

Meta, at the moment, allows chats to be had with people across both platforms. However, they’ve recently updated their support pages, and now a message is being shared with users that the service they may have been using will shortly be ending.

Going back a few years, Meta introduced a Messenger experience within Instagram DMs. It allowed users to message, and call people on Facebook. This was all done through the messaging service. Facebook’s users could reply via Facebook Messenger.

However, when this option comes to an end in mid-December, all of these previous messages will become read only. Meaning, no one will be able to reply, they can only read what has been said before. This will be the sign that the feature has come to an end.

Of course, users can still contact others through the relevant channels. For example, an Instagram user can contact another Instagram user. The same can be said with Facebook. But, the two won’t overlap as they once did.

The option only came about in 2020, so it’s only been available for three years at this point. Adam Mosseri seemed excited at the time, suggesting the joining of the two would make Meta run more efficiently. It would be interesting to hear his take as to why the platforms have decided to part ways (for messaging purposes), perhaps it isn’t as powerful as once thought. sign up for free GIF
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