200 billion views per day – why you should be using Meta Reels

Facebook and Instagram’s combined video views reaches 200 billion. This number is per day. Meaning, now is a better time than ever to get your content out on Meta’s Reels. They’re being watched, so add your content to the list.

Instagram and Facebook Reels have proven to be extremely popular. Off the back of TikTok rising to the top spot came Reels, which never seemed to be able to compete. However, now seems a better time than ever to start creating them. It’s been revealed that Reels on both Instagram and Facebook get a daily combined view total of 200 billion.

TikTok haven’t released their statistics in quite some time. We’d imagine they’re still sitting at the top spot. After all, TikTok solely produce short form videos. Whereas, Facebook and Instagram have other important features. Either way, Meta are definitely on the rise with their Reels. More and more people are choosing to upload short videos.

Will they ever become as successful as TikTok? It seems unlikely. With TikTok, users can quickly swipe through videos keeping content fresh and regular. Meta have swipe through options, but it never seems as smooth as TikTok’s transitioning. Also, many will argue content on Meta Reels is outdated compared to that of TikTok

A huge Meta bonus is, you can post one Reel to both platforms (Instagram and Facebook) at the same time. With the same description and tags. This covers two platforms meaning you have a chance to reach wider audiences with the same level of effort as you’d use on posting one TikTok video. If you have a following on both platforms, this is a huge benefit.

Do you have a preference? Are you a creator that posts to all platforms? If not, we’d recommend starting to. Providing you’re not including a TikTok or Instagram watermark, you can make one video and share it across all the platforms. This will help you share your content with all of your audiences.

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