Fan Links: free, smarter music marketing links

A Fan Link is a music marketing link. It combines all of your streaming store URLs into one. You can add in any extra promotional material too, such as social media accounts, and website links.

A Fan Link is a digital housing system for your streaming store URLs. It keeps everything in one handy place. Making your music more accessible.

Fan Links are free music marketing tools. We offer unlimited Fan Links at no cost. Our mission is to provide independent musicians with all the tools they need to promote themselves and their music successfully. A Fan Link allows you to combine all of your links into one URL, which makes it much easier for you to promote your tracks.

It also allows your fanbase to find your content easily. There is no searching high and low for your new release. With Fan Links, they can find their preferred store and follow your link straight to your track. It also allows your audience to follow your social media accounts and show you support elsewhere. This is a tool designed for artists and their fans.

What can you include in your Fan Links?

⭐ Social media accounts
👕 Merchandise links
🎧 Streaming store links
🎸 Tour tickets
🌐 Website

These are just a handful of the things that can be included within a Fan Link. If it’s a URL, you can likely add it to your promotional material. They’re handy as they keep all your information in one place which means you only need to share one link across your socials and outreach. They could even boost your fanbase.

Fan Links are completely free to create through, and unlike some of our competitors, we offer unlimited tools. They’re known as smarter links because they are almost like a small website but within a landing page. They offer everything you’d need in a website, but under one customised URL instead.

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