3 things any artist needs in their Fan Link

When it comes to creating a Fan Link, you can add as many, or as little URLs as you require. However, there are a few things we would suggest including. Such as; your new music, social platforms and contact information.

A Fan Link represents you as an artist. What do you want it to say? You need it to represent you in the best light. Consider what your fans will see. What if a music scout, label or journalist comes across your link – will it make them want to see what you’re about? Give yourself the best platform from the start, make yourself memorable.

1. Links to your music within stores

Your music needs to be there for everyone to access. Don’t limit it to one or two stores. Add every store your music is available on. This will allow everyone to listen with no restrictions. Your aim as a musician is to get people to hear your music, so don’t hold back when it comes to sharing your streaming URLs.

As soon as your music hits stores, it should be your priority to share your links everywhere you can. Keep your links relevant to your music, incorporate your artwork into your Fan Link. Make your landing page match your artist branding, because as an artist, you are your own brand. With PUSH and Spotify, you can include a track preview in your Fan Link.

2. Social media links

The best way of keeping your fans updated is through your social media accounts. They’re able to follow your latest work and join in the excitement ahead of any future release days. It’s where you can share updates and keep everyone on the same page. You can share information about your music, and about your behind the scene’s life.

Within your Fan Links you can add as many social media URLs as you require. You can even add custom logos to your links, meaning they completely fit in with your branding. Redirect your fans to your latest updates and get them sharing your releases through their social platforms too. It’s really important to include contact details in your links.

3. Contact details

Being reachable could help your music go further. If a label wants to speak to you, how will they do that if you have no details accessible? Or, perhaps another musician wants to collaborate with you, they’ll need to be able to contact you. You could find new doors open, and you’re presented with new opportunities.

Add your contact information into your Fan Link in the description – your email will go a long way to helping people reach out to you! It’s a great way to expand your network and potentially find more work. Places like labels want an easy way to reach out, they won’t chase any artist, so make it easier for them!

These are just three things we would encourage any artist to include in their Fan Links. The more information you can add to your links, the better. It will help you stand out from your competition and will present a strong brand image which is important for all artists. Get off on the right foot and prepare your Fan Links to wow your audience!

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