A social media cheat sheet

Being a content creator is a lot of fun. You get to explore new media, watch your platforms grow and be creative with it. However, there are times when it can feel stale – nothing is moving, and you aren’t sure why. That’s where you need a cheat sheet.

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Post original content to social media

It can sometimes seem overwhelming to create new content time and time again. Recycling old content is a great way to get around creating something brand new each time. However, even that, you need to change things up, so it isn’t exactly the same. Search engines and social platforms don’t like too much repetition. In fact, it can end up going against you when it comes to rankings.

Keep your content authentic. When it comes to creating your content, take ideas and inspiration from others and discover how you can spin this for yourself. What makes you stand out from your competition? Do you have any unique selling points (USPs) that make you different? Why should people pay attention to your brand? Consider these points before creating your content because it will help you decide how you should present yourself within your posts.

Not all ideas will be your own and that’s fine – as long as the creations are yours. Copying another companies work is a big no-no. It’s fine to be inspired by them, great in fact. But, you need to ensure you’re putting your own work in and making it match your aesthetic. It might be a good idea to decide what this looks like before creating any content. Keep your brand in mind when it comes to social media and your posts will stay true to you.

Don’t share social media posts without adding something original

Sharing other companies posts is a great thing to do. Not just for their exposure, but yours too. It makes you known to them. Therefore, they’re more likely to share your content in the future. Meaning, your work is seen by a broader audience. It also helps you to form connections. Partnerships can be formed this way, so it’s always worth letting someone know when you’re loving their content.

Let’s face it, sharing content doesn’t take much time or effort. So, there’s no real excuse as to why you shouldn’t share. If you see something beneficial, it could help your audience too. This will set you apart from others because you show your followers you aren’t someone who hides these things. It will make you appear more honest and reliable because you can say when other companies are doing well.

The main thing to remember is adding some of your own original content when sharing other creatives posts. This could be as simple as adding your opinions to the post. Say you share a tweet written by another brand. Add in your comments and quote the tweet. This way you’re sharing other content but adding to it. It will show your audience you’ve actually read what they have to say before sharing it.

Interaction is key

The more interaction you get, the more your content can grow. Not even just through numbers, but also through trust. Your audience will start to value your opinions the more you choose to connect with them. If someone takes the time to comment on your hard work, give them the time back. This will show you’re genuine and care about your audience. If it’s an opinion piece, encourage people to share their thoughts.

When people feel valued, they’ll become loyal to a brand. This is why it’s important to start early by appreciating your audience. Gain their trust and keep it. It will help you in the long run. Your audience is far more likely to share your content if they respect you. Commenting on other creatives posts and sharing your thoughts will help boost your interaction. You never know who’s reading, and it could be just the push you need.

Encourage your colleagues to share your content. Having them like, share and comment on your posts is a brilliant way of building connections. People following them are more likely to respect you as a brand if it’s come from someone they know. It also means when you’re starting out, you’ll have likes coming in without forcing it. Any engagement is key to growing your presence. If your account sits still, it’s more likely to be overlooked.

Follow competitors and other industry pages

The best source of inspiration is people within the same field as you. Whether they’re competitors or creatives you aspire to be like – you can learn a lot from others. You’re never too clued up in an industry to stop learning. In any field there are new things emerging all the time. It’s important to stay up to date and one of the best ways to do this is through your competition.

Competition is a good thing. It’s healthy. Your competition doesn’t have to be a major rival in your life. You can use each other to grow and adapt. Benefit from learning from their mistakes as they will with yours. Alternatively, if they’ve had a great idea – pinch it and adapt it to fit your content. There’s enough room for everyone within the creative world. It doesn’t need to be you or them. You can both succeed.

Those within your industry liking follow others they aspire to become. It’s a snowball effect of one company or person taking inspiration from another. This is how you work your way up the chain. They’re doing the same thing you are by following those similar to them and learning as they go. Follow as many creative accounts as you can because you’ll need the inspiration. Perhaps not at the start when you’re fresh and full of ideas, but as you move forward, you’ll be thankful for them.

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