Instagram’s latest updates – carousel soundtracks and collaborations

Instagram are stepping up the game, making the platform even stronger for personal users and content creators. They’ve added new soundtracks, adapting the way carousels can be created and shared.

Instagram carousel examples
Credit: Instagram

Instagram are regularly finding new ways to adapt and update the platform. In keeping with current trends and user’s interest. CEO Adam Mosseri takes on board feedback from users. Previously, he changed the entire homepage layout to be 9:16 which users of Instagram really weren’t impressed with. So, this change was soon revoked.

The new changes will see more options when creating content. Including soundtrack options. These new music choices can now be added to carousel posts. Previously, only Reels saw music, but now, still, swipe-through content can see entire soundtracks. Allowing content to be brought to life and captured in the best way.

Instagram carousel soundtracks

Carousels have been a really popular Instagram option for quite some time. Many creatives use them to share their content, however, they’re even more popular with regular users. A lot of users will collect their favourite images, or their holiday snaps and upload them all in one post. This allows their followers to swipe through the content and see multiple photos.

Now, users can add music to their photo posts. Choose your holiday favourite, or select a summer banger and attach it to your collection of images. Share the way you feel about your photos through music. Bring the mood alive on Instagram. The platform have added an entire library of music to choose from, so there’s something for everyone.

Instagram carousel example
Credit: Instagram

Instagram collaboration posts and Reels

Instagram have added even more options to collaborate. For a long time, collaborations seemed to be a business outlet. Typically, those networking, influencers, brands and businesses would collaborate. However, now, Instagram are adding more ways for normal users to collab with friends. Making posting to the platform more fun than ever.

Users can now invite up to three friends to join them in a post. These posts are co-authored and can be a still post, a carousel or a reel. You have the option to add them to your post, and if they accept it will appear on all of your pages. It will also show on the timelines of all account’s followers. Every collaborator will have it appear as if it is their original post.

Both public and private accounts can be added to a collaboration post. If your account is private, you can still create content and invite others to be part of it. However, they will need to follow you back to be able to select them. You can also add a private account as a collaborator if your account is public, but they will need to accept this.

Instagram collaboration example
Credit: Instagram
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