Why does my Instagram reel video have no sound?

Occasionally, when you upload a video through Instagram, no audio attaches, despite the content having sound originally. This can ruin your reel, but don’t worry, we have answers.

There are a few ways to fix broken audio on Instagram. However, many are quite the work-around. There’s nothing more annoying than uploading content with audio and by the time it hits Instagram, the audio isn’t working. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a one rule fits all, so there is no easy way of knowing what went wrong.

However, there are multiple ways to fix any issues once they have arose. Again, it sadly is a case of if one of these fixes doesn’t work, then you can move on and try another. But, the good thing is, they aren’t hard things to fix. You don’t need various pieces of software and knowledge of advanced techniques.

Here are a few things to try:

1. Try editing your video via a third-party app. Whether this is on your smartphone, or desktop – it shouldn’t matter. You don’t need to edit how your reel appears. Simply upload it to a video editing app (any should do) and save it as a new file. The new copy might override any issues.

2. Another option is to re-format your reel. If your video is currently an MP4, try formatting it to a mov or avi file. It could be the file type itself stopping it from playing correctly.

3. Try posting your video from your desktop. Upload as a reel, directly from your computer. Perhaps your smartphone is causing an issue.

4. Ensure your Instagram app is updated. If you’re uploading a reel on an older version of Instagram, this could be the problem. Check if the platform needs an update.

5. The oldest one in the book, but it could work. Try deleting the reel, turning your phone off and on again and then re-uploading the reel.

Often when your reel has sound until it hits the platform, it’s a case of something going slightly wrong along the way. It usually isn’t anything you have done wrong, but just technology not working in your favour. Try out the steps above and your reel should soon have working audio!

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