7 types of Reward Links that work

Reward Links offer benefits to you as the creator, and your audience. You get to set tasks to help grow your name. Your audience get access to a digital reward for completing these tasks. There are so many ways you can use a Reward Link. They’re not only for music artists!

Reward Links are a fun, interactive way of growing your consumer base. No matter what industry you’re in, you’re able to benefit from Reward Links. Often they’re seen as a tool for musicians. While they do work well for independent artists, they aren’t solely for them. In fact, more businesses and brands are starting to use them as an exciting way to encourage their customer’s interaction.

As a consumer they’re brilliant, because you don’t have to do much, and you get a reward from it. The links are free to access and create so both parties win. They’re a fantastic tool for growth, which is what all companies set out to achieve. Your audience is likely to share your Reward Links with people they know, again it helps you, but also those they know can be rewarded.

Affiliate offers

We’ve all heard the saying “You’re only as good as your last sale.” But there’s another way to look at it: “You’re only as bad as your next sale.” That means that every day, you need to keep improving yourself so that you can sell better tomorrow. By making affiliate offers interesting, you’re more likely to catch that sale.

Creating a Reward Link that requires your audience to interact with affiliate links in order to access a reward is brilliant. It means you’re guaranteed the clicks you need. The interaction you require for your affiliate links will come from everyone wanting to access your reward. Your reward could be many thing, perhaps even a discount code to the website in question.

Music downloads

Independent musicians could increase their streams largely by creating a Reward Link. Asking people to stream your music, or follow you on a streaming platform guarantees you listeners. It helps your artist name grow. Your fans are likely to share your Reward Link with people they know. From there, you’ll get people listening that wouldn’t have otherwise found your content.

The reward could be as simple as a download of your track. If you’re already sharing it with fans then why not let them have a digital copy? It’s out there anyway, so there’s no harm. You could even share a track that isn’t releasing. Perhaps you have a track that didn’t quite make the album, why not add it as a little extra treat? You’ll gain from it and your fans will feel special.

Store discounts

Create yourself a Reward Link for your business. Don’t give away your discount codes so easily. If people want them (which they will because nobody likes paying full price) then, they’ll put in the effort for one. You can choose what tasks need completing for consumers to access your discount. Maybe you want social growth. Perhaps you want a particular post being shared. Whatever you have in mind, you can set as many or as little tasks as you like.

Popular events such as Black Friday are a great time to take advantage of what a Reward Link can offer. People are looking out for bargains and discounts. Advertise your Reward Link as a Black Friday deal. However, in order to access the discount code, people must first complete the set tasks. They’ll for sure do it because they want to know what the discount is.

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Behind the scenes videos

Use your referral link to share that secret video you’ve been waiting to reveal. It will act as an exciting way to release the video. Your audience will be intrigued by a new way of sharing content. For them, it’s an easy way to access a never seen before video. It’s something they can’t find anywhere else, and therefore they’re likely to want to see what it’s all about.

You’re not asking them to do anything difficult to receive this reward either and that’s the best part. All they need to do is complete a task or two, depending on how many you set as compulsory tasks. With the tasks being as simple as following on a social platform or retweeting a tweet, everyone can get involved.


If you’ve ever considered hosting a giveaway this could be the perfect opportunity. Perhaps you want to share a secret file with your fanbase or consumers. This could be the way to do it. A Reward Link is completely free to create and those entering also don’t pay a penny. As a brand it’s the perfect chance to give something away without spending anything. Plus, with it being a digital reward, it makes things even easier for you to prepare.

All businesses find themselves struggling from time to time. Whether it’s costs, reaching new consumers, or sparking new ideas – there’s always struggles. A great way around these problems are by using the free tools you have accessible to you. You’re able to provide something for your loyal customers as well as attract new ones.

How to guide

Have you have considered how to make a guide more interesting? One way you could do this is by turning it into a Reward Link. You might be wondering how this works. Well, it’s simple. You create a how-to guide about your industry, brand, niche, and you provide this to your audience. If you have information or tips you think could be beneficial to someone else in your shoes, then turn it into a digital guide.

How do you benefit from this? Well, you add the digital guide as a download. The download can only be accessed through your Reward Link. Meaning anyone wanting to learn about that subject or access tips will have to complete the tasks you’ve set in order to do this. The tasks are simple and easy for them, but they benefit you massively. Everyone gets rewarded.

Success stories

The best way to promote your business is by sharing success stories with your potential clients. There are a few ways you could do this with a Reward Link. One way is setting tasks such as following you on your socials or supporting your business in the way you seem fit. From there, the digital download or video you present to your audience contains success stories. People who have used your brand or business are and thriving. Perhaps they have some words of advice or wisdom to offer?

Alternatively, another way you could share success stories is by encouraging potential buyers to head to your socials where you have videos from the clients who have found success. Perhaps you could make your mandatory tasks to follow your YouTube or socials. Then, they’ll be far more likely to see video footage of those with success stories that you have shared to your accounts. Their reward? Why not throw in a discount code, so they can also have the same success as others!

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