Classical music has risen in popularity by 90% on YouTube worldwide

Classical music is on the rise in popularity. In fact, it’s grown by 90% over the past year on YouTube alone. Epidemic Sound based in Sweden have said classical music has been the fastest growing genre used by content creators this year.

Classical orchestra in the background a faded image. In the foreground is a YouTube splattered logo.

Amongst content creators worldwide it seems 2022 has been the year for classical music. The popularity of the genre has risen by 90%. Often a stigmatised and overlooked genre, but equally it’s one of the oldest genres that fits into more areas of every day life than you’d realise.

Within Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and the US classical music has had the fastest growth within 2022 alone. Often classical music can be used and manipulated so content creators can adapt it to their needs. It’s also usually allowed across a lot of social platforms, meaning content creators don’t get copyrighted for their work.

Finding songs and tracks that can be used on creative content is really tricky. Having a genre like classical where many songs are so old they’ve entered the public domain is really helpful. Metadata and user-generated content has been monitored throughout the year. On YouTube alone it seems videos that included classical music are far higher than previously.

Classical music allows people to express themselves fully. There are upbeat pieces and also softer, more meaningful pieces. With classical often having no lyrics, content creators are able to interpret songs in their own way. Allowing them to explore all emotions needed. This lets them make completely unique content for their platforms.

What are your thoughts? Is classical music something you enjoy, or are you more of a heavy metal person? Are you a content creator that’s used classical pieces within your work? If not, perhaps moving forward you’ll consider it with it being so popular this year. It’s only likely to continue to rise in popularity in 2023. So, get on board with it now!

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