Most notable podcasts of 2023

More of us are turning to podcasts. With the variety being so wide, it’s no surprise more of us are opting to tune into interesting debates over replaying our favourite songs again and again.

Most notable podcasts of 2023. Photo of top podcasts globally 2023.
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It turns out, although we’re a world full of music lovers, we’re also huge podcast lovers too. Podcasts allow us to relax and feel like we’re chatting to our friends, even though we’re not doing any of the talking. Well, unless you do talk back to your favourite podcasters, hey, we’re not judging… Listening to a podcast allows you to learn, laugh and feel engaged.

Whether you like listening to informative podcasts, or you enjoy listening to people chat about random topics, there’s something for everyone. That’s the beauty of podcasts. Everyone can find a genre or a podcaster that appeals to them. Many YouTube stars are even turning to podcasting now, so if you can’t watch, you can listen instead.

You don’t always want music playing. Well, some do, and we’re all for that. But, others, want something a little calmer on their commutes. If you’re not in a sing-along mood, or you want to listen to a softer, less intense sound, podcasts might be for you. It seems, across the world, podcasts are a real hit. Spotify Wrapped have released the most popular podcasts of 2023.

Top podcasts in 2023 according to Spotify

This year we see The Joe Rogan Experience at first place. It’s not exactly surprising, as this podcast has won for the past three years. Making it the fourth time Joe Rogan claims the top spot. Another multi-time winner is Call Her Daddy. This has won for a second year in a row. It seems people know what they like, and they aren’t wanting to divert.

In third place this year is Huberman Lab, followed by anything goes with emma chamerlain and On Purpose with Jay Shetty. It turns out that out of the top podcasts, eight of them are both owned and licensed by Spotify. The streaming store clearly know which podcasts are worth investing in, right?

People seem to gravitate towards podcasts that are about everything and anything. This might be because it doesn’t get old. If they like the creator, and they’re interested in what they have to say, then they’ll stick with the podcast as it evolves. Some podcasts are really niche. You must be interested in a certain topic to listen.

While these can do well, and have, for example, Crime Junkie, they don’t appeal to everyone. They’re the same niche each episode. Of course, the stories change, but the topics don’t. So, it’s possible this is why the likes of Joe Rogan have appeared in the lead again. However, he doesn’t have the best rep, so perhaps many listen for his controversy.

You can find the full year of podcast trends here. It will be interesting to see how podcasts continue to grow, especially now Spotify have added their free audiobook sessions. Perhaps those who don’t have the time to sit and watch a YouTube video, or read that book will now be able to still enjoy the moment but through audio instead. sign up for free GIF
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