Why you can’t see your favourite artist’s thank you video on Spotify Wrapped 2023

In 2022 Spotify added a new feature making the connection between a fan and their favourite artist even more special. They added an option for music artists to add a thank-you video. All top listeners would then receive this when their Wrapped was revealed.

As you can see in the video above, Taylor Swift prepared a little thanks for her top listeners. Those who have supported her throughout the year are able to watch this via their Spotify Wrapped section within their account. All accounts that have been found to be major Swifties will be able to see this, just underneath their statistics.

It isn’t just Taylor who recorded a video message. All artists had the chance to do so. This was first introduced as an added extra in 2022. It takes the artist minutes to create, but could mean the world to their fanbase. Despite the videos of course not being personalised, they feel it in many ways. Fans feel more connected to these artists through these videos.

The thank-yous were designed to be around 15 seconds long, so, they really take no time at all to film. However, naturally, Spotify gives all artists a deadline. This is normally within November, just shortly before Wrapped launches. It’s just enough time for Spotify to load the videos onto the platform.

Fans can’t see artist thank-yous on Spotify

However, not all fans will be happy. They might see their favourite artist in their top spot, but not be able to find a video. This unfortunately isn’t just a glitch. You won’t be able to visit your favourite singers page and find the thanks. It simply means, the artist didn’t record a video. Now, we’re not here to bad mouth any music artists.

Being a musician is tough. It’s tiring and there’s a lot that goes into it. Especially when you’re independent and don’t have a team working around you. There is a lot to do, so it’s possible it got overlooked. We’re not suggesting artists don’t care about their fan’s efforts throughout the year. However, it’s a little disheartening, we’re sure.

You might see a thanks video from one artist, but can’t find any others from your other top spots. This will be because they likely missed the date for sending their videos across. Unfortunately, you’ll have to hope that next year they’re a little more prepared about the matter. Sadly, this year you won’t see a video from them though.

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