Spotify Wrapped 2023 is finally here – access it via app or web

Since we released our previous article, it seems things have been put in motion and now Wrapped has officially launched for 2023. Spotify users can access their year of streams by heading over to the app or desktop platform.

Spotify Wrapped 2023 is finally here - access it via app or web. Marketing image of Spotify Wrapped 2023.

It’s official, Spotify Wrapped 2023 has launched. The day music lovers wait for each and every year. We predicted in our recent article that it would launch next week, but unfortunately for us, our psychic skills are off this time. That’s because, it launched today!

The day after Apple Replay launched, Spotify have shared their version. Admittedly Spotify Wrapped has been on the scene for much longer than Replay, but now the rivals really are battling it out for top spot with their features launching so close together.

Spotify start gathering data from the 1st January, and stop on the 31st October each year. This allows them enough time to put together the statistics ready for launch day. Prepare to have your social media accounts overwhelmed with data.

People love to share their results from Wrapped. Whether they’re showing their most listened to song, or their top artist of 2023. You’re bound to see Wrapped postcards being shared across Instagram stories particularly.

Who can blame them though? It’s a bit of fun. Especially for those who count themselves as huge music fans. It’s nice to see how your taste differs to your friends, and who you share common music interests with. Perhaps you’ll find a new gigging partner!

The personalised recaps are made for each Spotify user. Both free and Premium account holders. To access yours simply head over to Spotify’s app, or visit their website and log in. You’ll then be able to see your streaming habits throughout 2023.

We can’t wait to see you all share your summaries. Make sure you tag us in yours over on socials. You’ll find our accounts over on our social link. Who are you hoping is on your list? Will you make their top 1% of listeners? sign up for free GIF
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