Apple Music Replay 2023: everything you need to know

Apple Music Replay is here. It’s beaten the popular Spotify Wrapped to the stage this year. Apple Music users can see a replay of their listening habits throughout 2023.

Apple Music Replay 2023: everything you need to know. Apple Music Replay marketing.
Credit: Apple Music

Apple Music Replay is back. It comes just days before we imagine Spotify Wrapped will drop. Which, is pretty clever from Apple. After all, they are each other’s biggest rivals, but Wrapped will likely always prove more popular, so Apple have got in at the right time to ensure they’ve secured the public interest before Spotify have the chance.

For all Apple users, you can now head over to their website and see your end of year summary. It will show you a collection of data throughout 2023. Your listening habits, favourite artists, music genres and more have been recorded, and you can now access them. Do you know who your most played artist will be?

It’s a bit of fun music lovers look forward to each year. They love comparing their results with their friends. You both love an artist, but who has streamed them more? Who’s the bigger fan? Apple Music provide postcards users can share to their social media accounts. Making it easy to show their friends who they’ve been listening to non-stop this year.

Apple Music Replay 2023: everything you need to know. Examples of Replay on smartphones.

Apple first launched Replay in 2019. It was likely a copy of Spotify’s Wrapped feature. But, nonetheless, Apple users love it. However, some critics will say that Apple Replay isn’t as nice to look at as Spotify’s sharable charts. Does it matter though? It’s just a nice way of rounding up your year of music. With Apple Replay, you can access a highlight reel.

All your favourite songs and artists throughout 2023 will be shared within your personalised reel. Along with this, you’ll see how many hours you spent listening to them. You can also access a milestone tracker to see where you’ve met specific targets, such as listening to 1,000 songs. Users on X (previously Twitter) are already sharing their results. sign up for free GIF
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