Tips on how to juggle multiple social media accounts

If you’ve got more than one social media account within the same platform, you’ll realise just how difficult it can be. Flicking between one account and another can be stressful. What if you post to the wrong account? How do you split your time between them?

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Keep your various profiles on one device

It might seem a little overwhelming but keeping all profiles under the same device will reduce stress massively. You’ll be able to flick between your different accounts at the click of a button. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself logging out on one device and logging in on another. That’s where you then have to juggle what time you commit to each. You’ll have to set aside time for each profile fairly. Whereas if you’re managing everything from one device, you can easily head straight to the profile that requires your attention.

See a notification pop up on one account? Head to it and respond. Then you can go back to your others. Even set time aside to reply to all comments across all accounts. Then you can sit down and make sure everyone gets a response, and you then know your commenting is done for that day. You don’t have to wonder if one account has interactions while you’re looking at others. Simply make sure they’ve all been covered.

Post at the right times for each account

Depending on your different content will depend on what times your users are most active. If your target audience is parents, you’re probably most likely to catch them throughout the day, after and before the school runs. However, if you’re going for budding musicians, the early hours of the morning are the best right? Those guys don’t sleep! All jokes aside, it’s important you figure out what’s best for you and your content.

If your content is fairly similar, say you’re a small fashion brand and your other account is your personal one where you post pictures and selfies of yourself in the outfits you’re selling, it’s likely your timings will be similar. Both your clients and your friends and family over on your personal account will likely be surfing social media at the same times. Particularly if your client base is within the same country you are. This is something you’ll have to take into account because you might need to sit down and cover all accounts at one set time. However, this is where social media schedulers are massively useful.

Try out cross posting

We’re not suggesting posting the same content to multiple accounts each time. However, cross posting isn’t a bad thing. If you’re using your personal account, why not share some of your products or your work? You might find more clients through sharing across multiple accounts and if not, it’s still spreading more awareness. Team up with yourself. This might sound crazy but if you’ve got multiple creative outlets, who’s to say you can’t collaborate between your different brands?

Also take inspiration from one account to another. If you see something working on one account, try it on another. After all, your clients might not be the same but Instagram users as a whole are more interested in certain features that Facebook users might not be. Reels perform really well on Instagram no matter what your content is about. So, if you’ve tried and tested a feature or an idea, and it works on one profile, take it over to your other and adapt it to make it relevant. This will save you so much time in the long run.

Remember as long as you’re clear on the difference between your accounts then you can make things work. Each brand or business will have its own personality. However, overall if people are interested on one of your platforms, then you’ll likely attract a similar vibe across your others. After all, you have your personality shining through, so if you’re interested in your products, then people with similar interests and hobbies to you should also be. Most importantly, keep it fun and exciting. Otherwise, you’ll quickly get fed up.

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