Tips and tricks for independent artists on how to brainstorm your next track

Got writers block? We know how it feels. All artists find themselves stumped at points. It’s a case of you know you need to create a new track but nothing’s inspiring you, and you just don’t know where to start. Watch this YouTube video to find out how to brainstorm through this.

Starting this video off on a high, think about it. Is there really anything better than creating that new track? It’s a feeling that can’t quite be matched. So, while you’re putting all that pressure on yourself to create something new, remember why you’re doing it. For the love and passion of music.

In this video he mentions once you’ve found a beat that matches your vibe, many artists then get stuck. What comes next? It becomes overwhelming knowing what needs to be done but in what order? Think about the vibe you are going with right from the start. There’s no point thinking of lyrics or tempo if you have no idea what vibe you want to create. Are you looking for upbeat and happy? If so, you’re not going to write lyrics that are sad and meaningful, are you? So, really think about what message you want to get across through your entire song.

Next he goes on to talk about the song arrangement. How long do you want your intro to be? Do you have an idea of how many bars you want to include? Will there be a big lead up to your drop? If certain images or vibes are coming to your mind when thinking of these things, write it down to come back to. Even if you move away from these ideas. If you have it written down you can always refer back to it.

After this, the next move is to go into freestyling. This could spark inspiration you could have never imagined. He really speaks heavily about the importance of trying this, for all artists, regardless of your genre. Rather than forcing words onto paper, try letting the words come to you. Some of it won’t be great, and you’ll laugh it off and move on. However, some lyrics might just fit with your tempo and beat ideas.

Finally, a really important thing which I think we can all agree with, is you have to love it. If you’re not vibing with and feeling your track, then it isn’t the one. This doesn’t mean you need to start again, but keep going with it. Change up various parts of it until it’s exactly what you’re looking for. Don’t ever release music for the sake of it. If you’re not loving it, why should anyone else? It’s hard being an independent artist. You need to be your biggest supporter.

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