Why YouTube creators should consider expanding into podcasts

Video and Podcasts now go hand-in-hand. Many YouTubers will also create podcasts for various platforms. With podcasts on the rise in popularity, now is a better time than ever to get started. You’re already creating the content, so why not reach more audiences.

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UK podcast listeners continue to rise

Podcasts have soared in popularity. Currently, 15,610,000 people within the UK listen to a podcast by their favourite creator. The need for podcasts is growing more than ever. So, now is the perfect time to expand your audience and delve into the world of podcasts. You can discuss any topic you like, and they vary on length. Meaning, all creators could branch into podcasts if they wish.

People tune in to listen to podcasts about news, gaming, true crime, music reviews or learning a new skill. There are endless opportunities. As a YouTuber, you’re already creating the content. All you need to do is remove the video element. It’s easier than ever to turn your content from one form of media to another. Multiple platforms without doing twice as much work. What’s not to like?

24% of people in the UK listen to a podcast on a regular basis. A staggering 1 in 20 adults use podcasts as their main news source. Newspapers and even TV news stations are slowly becoming a thing of the past, as people opt for the easier route. Listening on the go makes absorbing news so much easier. The average podcast sits at 38 minutes and 42 seconds – so, if you’re going to adapt your YouTube videos to podcasts, you may want to consider this.

Podcast sources

With podcast popularity on the rise, people are branching out on genres. They’re exploring new topics and listening to different creators than before. The number of people listening to podcasts doubled from 2017 to 2020 – suggesting people are more inclined to change. A third of people listening to podcasts get their suggestions through word of mouth. So, ask your listeners to start sharing your content with those around them.

That’s 32% of listeners that could help promote your work. Another third research online to find what’s the most popular podcast at the moment. Research is always a lot of people’s friend. After all, search engines don’t lie… right? It’s easier to trust the numbers. If people are listening to it then it must be good. There are so many scenarios where a podcast can be listened to. It far outweighs YouTube videos.

You can’t watch a YouTube video while out for a run, or while driving to work. It could be playing, but you’d only be able to listen – so it essentially turns into a podcast again. Due to this, it seems crazy that YouTube creators wouldn’t branch out into podcasts. After all, they could double their audience by catering to different wants or needs. 38% of people listen to podcasts while driving. If you want your numbers to grow, turn your videos into audio.

Podcast Smart Links

With PUSH’s Smart Link feature, you could create a Podcast Link for free. Within this link, you can add URLs to the various platforms where your podcasts are available. Alongside this, you can also add your YouTube channel. So, you aren’t swapping one for another. Instead, you’re giving options. If people want to listen on the go, they’ll select your Podcast. However, if they want to sit down and watch you in person, they’ll choose YouTube.

Create your own link containing multiple URLs in one place. Customise it to make it work for you. You can add your own logos, a description and links to any platform you wish. They’re a great promotional tool because you can share them across any platform. Place them into your social media bios – that way, anyone visiting your accounts can see what you have to offer. They’re a brilliant way to expand your audience and cater to everyone.

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