Smart Podcast Links – what are they?

Podcasts have gained huge popularity. Sometimes people don’t want to listen to music on their commute or as they’re walking the dog. Instead, they want to hear about real life experiences or stories. This is why podcasts have become so well liked because they offer the information of a video, without the visual.

PUSH Podcast Link. Blue background with PUSH written blurred. In the foreground is a Smart URL, holding links for Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts and Apple Music.

Smart Podcast Links allow creators to collate all their links under just one URL. The URL itself can be customised to speak for you. For example, we might name the option above – this will show our audience exactly what they can expect from clicking on the link. It then clearly displays the multiple platforms where people can tune in and listen to the podcast for themselves. This gives the audience option, allowing them to choose their preferred store rather than dictating where they must listen.

Being a free tool, they’re really useful when it comes to marketing. They allow you to promote multiple links in one space. This means you can place them into your social media bios without having to pick just one. Social media platforms only allow one link within each bio, so putting a Smart Podcast Link in means you can bypass this rule. You’re giving more selection once they end up on your landing page. Being able to customise them too means they’re essentially a mini website without you having to worry about a crash course in coding.

They allow you creative access to how you want your branding to appear. Being able to select your own artwork and logos means you can have full control over how people view your brand. Clicking on one of the buttons takes you straight to your podcasts within that platform. Meaning no one has to search around for what they need. You can encourage people to give your work a go by allowing them easy access to your content. It’s easier to promote your work by sharing a link and asking people to listen, than it is telling people you create podcasts and asking them to go and find your channel.

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