PUSH 101: Can you Pre-save on Spotify?

Pre-saves allow artists to promote their music and secure listeners ahead of their release day. It’s great for both the creator and their fans. Fans are able to save the tracks before they go live and on release day they’ll find the music has been placed into their library.

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Spotify is arguably one of the most popular streaming platforms. The platform is set to hit 1 billion monthly active users by 2030. This is covering the entire world. As they expand further and further into new countries their platform reaches new audiences. Meaning, they’ll continue to expand for years to come. It’s often a favourite because they have many subscription types, allowing everyone to access the platform regardless of their financial situation. With this being said, it’s important for artists to get their music on the store.

The more stores your music is on, the wider your audience. By including all stores you can, you’re not restricting anyone from listening to your tracks. Your fans are able to select their preferred store from the list and stream your music as they wish. It also means you’ll gain more revenue. With your store choice being broad you have more opportunity to earn money through streams. Whether you intend to place your music on all stores or only a few, Spotify is one you’re likely to choose. This is because as we’ve discussed, it is one of the most popular stores available.

Can you Pre-save on Spotify?

There are three stores that allow Pre-saves; Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer. These are often the most favoured stores. With them being the most popular, it’s reassuring for artists knowing placing their music here will potentially bring them more listeners. By Pre-saving a track, you’re ensuring you’ll hear the music as soon as it’s live on the platform. It will be immediately placed into your library. You won’t have to search for it. Meaning more time for you to stream it on repeat!

They aren’t only useful for fans. Pre-saves are free marketing tools for artists to promote themselves. Ask your fans to share the link with their friends and this will become a domino effect of everyone sharing your link with people they know. This expands your audience and guarantees you more listeners which in turn means more revenue. The approach of release day can be stressful, so you can take some of this pressure away by promoting your music before it launches. Having people save your tracks means they’ll listen on its release day. Streaming platforms will place it into their music shuffle to ensure it gets played due to it being a new save.

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