How many Pre-saves is a good amount?

Create as many Pre-saves as you can. Each time you have an upcoming release with a future Sales Start Date, create yourself a Pre-save. This way you’ll help drive attention to your music before its release.

Pre-saving helps boost your artist name. It creates a sense of awareness and hype ahead of release day. You’re far more likely to get streams when your music goes live if you’ve marketed it correctly beforehand. It allows you to gather your interest before your music is in stores. The issue with waiting until after to promote your tracks is that, your music has a chance to flop that way. If you’re not preparing people for your sounds, they’re not going to know they’re coming.

By letting everyone know your music is to be expected, it won’t sit in the stores unheard. Instead, it will get plays from the very start. This way you can hit the ground running and possibly even pitch your music to playlists. The more Pre-saves the better as it’s more likely you’ll secure listeners. Once Pre-saved, your music will go into their library on release day. Therefore, they’re guaranteed to hear it because their streaming platform will prioritise new songs added to their mix.

So, to answer the question; how many Pre-saves is a good amount? It’s as many as possible. Start early. As soon as your music is sent to the streaming sites and your distributors hand you the URLs for where your tracks will appear – create one. Make yourself a Pre-save as soon as you can, and you’ll be able to share it further. You can even ask your fans to share it with their followers and friends. Saving your music is one of the best ways they can help. It shows both you and the stores that people are interested.

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