How to Pre-save on Apple Music

Pre-saving on Apple Music has multiple benefits. For yourself as a fan, you’re guaranteeing the music will be in your library by release day. On the other hand, as an artist you are securing yourself listeners before your music drops.

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Apple Music is a great platform to set up a Pre-save for. This is because it is widely popular, so adding the option to save ahead of release date will benefit everyone involved. Creating yourself a Pre-save for your new music, allows you to secure listeners before your release is available. When your music drops, your fans will already have your music in their library so no need for them to search for it. It gives reassurance to you as an artist, but also allows your audience ease of access.

To set up a Pre-save yourself, you need to head to From there you’ll be able to create a free account and create yourself as many Pre-save links as required. Each new album or track can have its own link and then on release day it will be turned into a Smart Link. Your fans can save your music by simply heading to your link and choosing their preferred store. In this case, they’ll be selecting Apple Music and will then be directed to sign into their music account.

It’s as quick and easy as that, but on release day they’ll find it in their music library. You can place your Pre-save link in any of your social media bios. Share it as much as possible. With it being so easy to create, there’s no reason to not make one. It will only take your fans a minute to save your release. For you, this means you’ll have listeners on the day it drops. So, it doesn’t make sense to not make one. We have written further articles giving you step-by-step instructions on how to set up a Pre-save. Check them out if you need a hand. It’s important to note, your music cannot be live at the time of creating one though.

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