Spotify Wrapped – top performing artists and highest rated songs of 2023

The results are in. We know who the top performing artists are this year. The tracks with the most streams have also been released. Are your favourite artists in the top 5? Have you contributed to these stats?

Spotify Wrapped - top performing artists and highest rated songs of 2023. Screenshot of Spotify Wrapped top artist list.
Credit: Spotify

Taylor Swift has done it. With the help of her Swifties she has beaten Bad Bunny who held the top spot for a number of years running. It has been a huge year for her, so we can see how she got top spot. She had more than 26.1bn streams on Spotify.

Despite her being the top artist of the year, none of her songs were within the top 5 streamed. Her song Cruel Summer did reach number 6 for streams, but it was beaten by the likes of Miley Cyrus, SZA, Harry Styles, Jung Kook and Eslabon Armado.

Bad Bunny did come in second place, so he hasn’t had a big fall from his previous position. Again, his song didn’t appear in the top 5 anywhere. But, he did come above The Weeknd, Drake and Peso Pluma.

Spotify Wrapped top track 2023

The top track on Spotify for 2023 was Flowers by Miley Cyrus. It had more than 1.6bn streams, beating SZA’s song Kill Bill, Harry Styles’ As It Was, Jung Kook’s song Seven (feat. Latto) and Eslabon Armado and Peso Pluma’s track Ella Baila Sola.

Although Bad Bunny and Taylor Swift didn’t have top performing songs, their albums were extremely popular. Bad Bunny’s album Un Verano Sin Ti was the top album with over 4.5bn streams on Spotify alone. Taylor Swift’s Midnights album followed.

Spotify Wrapped - top performing artists and highest rated songs of 2023. Screenshot of top performing albums on Spotify Wrapped.
Credit: Spotify

As did SZA’s album SOS, The Weeknd’s Starboy, and Karol G’s Mañana Será Bonito. These were the top 5 articles of 2023. It’s interesting that Starboy is one of the top albums this year, as it was originally released in 2016. This is likely due to TikTok trends.

Die For You is a song from the album, and in 2022 a TikTok trend sent it back to radio stations. Meaning more people were starting to stream it again. Spotify’s Wrapped statistics are always really interesting because on the surface they don’t always make sense.

You normally look at the top 5 and wonder how a certain artist isn’t on there if their music is trending. But, you have to remember all elements that make up the streaming charts. Comparing Apple Music Replay statistics with Spotify Wrapped always brings similarities. sign up for free GIF
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