Spotify has increased its subscription price in France in line with the music streaming tax

Following France’s introduction of the music-streaming tax, Spotify have had quite a lot to say. First pulling out of their sponsorship at festivals, and now, increasing the subscription price for those within the country.

Spotify has increased its subscription price in France in line with the music streaming tax. Spotify's subscription pricing page in France.
Credit: Spotify

Spotify has retaliated in response to France’s recent tax on music streaming. The music platform weren’t happy with the decision made by the French government to add an extra tax to streaming stores. Despite this decision being made with the intention of keeping their music heritage alive and continuing with the growth of French-made music.

Now Spotify has hit back again. Previously, they removed their funding from French music festivals, and now, they’re hitting back with subscription increases. All French users will see their subscriptions rise by €0.13. This is based on a 1.2% increase, taking the subscription cost to €11.12 per month for the individual plan.

The French’s government’s decision doesn’t just effect Spotify. It affects Apple, Google, and Deezer too, However, it seems Spotify have had the biggest problem with it. The increase they have imposed applies to all their subscription plans. Not only the individual one, but the student, family and duo plans will all see a 1.2% increase.

It hasn’t been reported how the people of France feel about this decision. While the increase isn’t a lot, it does seem slightly unfair that the people are being punished. Despite them contributing to the economic growth of the streaming platform, they are still being hit with higher prices. However, on the flip side, it’s easy to see why Spotify have made this choice.

Spotify need to set an image, and they can do this by increasing pricing, which could cause an uproar within the French Spotify community. However, it will perhaps drive some users away. But, all in all, it shouldn’t deter too many of their users, and it might send a message to the government, but will they listen? It’s unlikely, after all, they’re doing it with very good reason. sign up for free GIF
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