Learn a new skill through Spotify’s new UK video-based courses

Spotify are introducing training courses for UK users. These will be in the form of videos. The company have partnered with multiple well-known educational companies to pull this off.

Spotify has announced they’re introducing video courses on their platform. These will only be available for UK users. The streaming platform has partnered up with multiple educational technology companies. Including; BBC Maestro, PLAYvirtuoso, Skillshare and Thinkific.

UK Spotify users will be able to purchase courses of a wide variety. These will appear next to podcasts, audiobooks and playlists when searching through their Spotify library. All courses have been split into various themes, to help categorise them easily.

These themes are; make music, get creative, learn business and healthy living. All give listeners the chance to learn at their own pace. Users can expand their current skillset, or learn new things, allowing them to perhaps advance in their chosen career.

With so many Spotify users using podcasts and audiobooks to learn daily, it seems Spotify have found room for a new resource. This is why they’re introducing their courses. It’s a great win for Spotify too because the courses will be paid for, so they’ll only benefit.

The streaming company has said they’re exploring ways to open up these courses too. Hopefully, in the near future we will see a gap for content creators, and small businesses to impart their wisdom on the Spotify community. Rather than it all being huge corporations.

During the testing period, UK users, both on the free and premium plan, will be able to test two lessons per course. After this, they can make the decision to purchase the rest of the lessons via a web page. If it’s not for them, they haven’t lost anything.

How to access Spotify’s video courses

  1. Head to the UK mobile app.
  2. From there you should find course videos on the home screen or the browse tab.
  3. Click on the course section.
  4. Choose a category that you’re interested in.
  5. You’ll be taken to the web page to purchase the course.
  6. Once purchased, the course can be viewed on desktop or in the mobile app.
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