Spotify are increasing subscription costs for French users due to streaming store tax

Previously, it was revealed that Spotify have pulled support from France due to a new tax introduced. However, now, it seems they’re coming for their missed earnings through subscription increases.

Spotify are increasing subscription costs for French users due to streaming store tax. Photo of a French flag.
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Spotify are currently working out increases for their French users. It seems due to a new change within the region, Spotify are missing out. It was recently revealed that France are planning to add a new taxing system for all music streaming stores.

This is in the aim to encourage French music. All proceeds of the tax will be sent to the Centre National de la Musique (CNM) which was first established in 2020. It isn’t just Spotify being taxed, either. All streaming stores are feeling the effects of this change.

Spotify, however, already weren’t happy about the decision. They pulled their support from two French festivals almost immediately. From there, they have begun finding ways to reimburse their loss. They’ve finally come to that decision.

The French tax would be between 1.5 and 1.75% so in return, Spotify are increasing the subscription costs. Meaning, the people of France are having to pay for the decision made by their leaders. It doesn’t seem entirely fair. They’re essentially being punished.

While it makes sense that Spotify try to get back what they will have lost, it doesn’t seem right that those already paying for subscriptions will now have to pay more. Spotify’s rivals don’t seem to be following the same pattern. Perhaps they will, but they aren’t currently.

However, this is the situation that French streamers are being faced with. While it’s a great thought that the government want French music to be protected and celebrated. It also is only really damaging the music scene for its own people. sign up for free GIF
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