The ever evolving music scene – how the industry has changed in the modern day

The music industry is forever changing and adapting to the current times. 2021 is no different, possibly with more need than ever to have a shake up. After the previous year we’ve had, some normality is seriously needed. We could also do with new trends to create some excitement.

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🎪 Festivals are back

You heard that right! Festivals have made a comeback (and about time too). It’s been a tough time for everyone without them being around. Mostly the artists who make a living off performing at them, along with the venue organisers themselves. Also though, for the festival goers. It’s something many people look forward to all year. Seeing their favourite artists live in the flesh and getting to dance along to their tracks. The atmosphere of a festival is something you cannot recreate elsewhere. It’s a magical feeling to be emersed in it all.

It seems festivals are the current choice over concerts. It’s easy to see why because the atmosphere is completely different. Also, you get an entire experience. A weekend with your friends, seeing a whole variety of artists rather than just one evening seeing one. This isn’t suggesting concerts are no longer something to be excited about, of course if you love an artist you’ll want to see them live. However, festivals offer you the chance to try a little bit of everything.

After festivals across the world being cancelled throughout 2020, it’s nice to see them making a comeback. Many people wait all year for a summer of back to back weekends filled with music. This is something we’re definitely happy to see return in 2021.

👶 Nostalgia

2021 is the year everyone seems to want to return to their youth. We’re seeing comebacks of so many trends we never imagined would happen. Clothing, hairstyles and even the way we listen to music. Streaming will always continue to rise, it is the most popular way to listen to music. However, people want to be different and that’s why we’re seeing the return of things like record players and vinyl.

Remember a few years back when suddenly everyone was back using Polaroid cameras as though they were a new thing. The excitement people suddenly felt when they saw their image printing out in front of them. This is the same for many people and vinyl. Obviously, there are many people that have always loved vinyl and would argue they have never followed the trend when it comes to this music option. There are however a lot of people who have bought one simply for the aesthetic. This drives the prices up and with vinyls not being as popular these days, people are paying more than they once did for their tracks.

🧍‍♂️ Singles over albums

Most likely this comes down to streaming purposes. When CDs were the most common way of listening to new sounds, having an album was far better value for money. You have multiple songs on one disc. The more, the merrier. Now however, many artists are leaning more towards producing singles to add to their collection. Is this because they take less time to produce? Could it be that people aren’t as interested in albums any more? Maybe it’s better to have one single go viral and then create another rather than try and promote multiple tracks. Many people seem to have a more varied genre choice these days, so they listen to more artists than they once would have. This means that they might be less likely to hear a whole album by any particular artist.

🎧 Tech knowledge

As consumers, we’ve all started to engage more with what we’re buying. Before when headphones came about, it was revolutionary, and we didn’t really care if they weren’t the best quality because who were we to know, right? We were happy with whatever we could get. Throughout the years, though, this has changed and people have become far more aware of what they’re getting for their money. This has changed how companies brand and sell their products. It has also made us much more competitive with each other – who has the best gear?

Prices of tech gear have shot up because of this. People now know what their products are worth, and companies know just how much people are willing to spend to have the best of the best. It’s understandable people want the best listening experience when buying a pair of headphones, but it does seem like daylight robbery how various companies are profiting off this.

It’s no exaggeration that the music industry has thrived in some areas, but also taken a massive hit in others thanks to the global pandemic. It is interesting however to see how they’re trying to bounce back from this. Due to changing trends and consumers wants being met, the music industry is constantly having to evolve. What trends to we expect to see in the next 10 years? Since vinyl has made a comeback, will CD’s and tapes? Old trends having a shake up, which ones next?

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