Reactional Music licensing deals will secure personalised gaming soundtracks

The soundtrack of a video game is really important. A good soundtrack enhances the game. But, what if you could choose your own soundtrack as you play? Well, that’s the idea Reactional Music are working on.

Reactional Music licensing deals will secure personalised gaming soundtracks. Screenshot from Reactional Music's website, an AI image of a person sat at a keyboard with so many speakers around them. In front is a giant screen with clouds on.

A huge element of video games is the music chosen. It can make or break a game. The right music will add a new depth to the storyline, it will enhance the characters backgrounds, and bring the game to life. However, choosing the wrong tracks can weaken an otherwise decent game. The best soundtracks make it onto playlists, because the songs matter to the players.

One of the companies at the top of the music for video games avenue is Reactional Music. They’re currently working on a revolutionary idea. The new project will allow soundtracks to be customised for each player. Through the use of technology, Reactional are developing a way for each individual player to have a customised soundtrack.

They’re also finalising in game music purchases as an option, allowing gamers to have more control over their gaming experience. At the moment, nearly 200 game developers are involved in the project. Beta testing is currently underway for the technology and when finalised, it will allow gamers to choose their preferred music.

In-app video game purchases

It will essentially work the same as when players choose their own skins. In-app purchases are extremely common. They allow players to customise characters, tools and other elements that can be used during game play. This new set-up will be a bonus for music rights holders and game developers alike. The two sets of creatives can work alongside each other.

Game developers can add new features allowing players to personalise their experience, leading to better gaming experiences and therefore more money for the developers. Likewise, music rights holders will be paid when their songs are used. However, there’s one issue at the moment. That is, securing the licensing to use various songs.

Reactional Music will need to secure licence recordings. They have signed a lot of licensing deals over the years, however, they’ll need a lot more if they want their plan to be successful. The latest deals made are with Cherry Red Records and Hopeless Records. It’s likely we’ll see more companies signing agreements soon. We just hope the artists receive a fair payment. sign up for free GIF
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