Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie horror video game

It’s true, it’s happening… It’s hardly surprising, right? Now that Steamboat Willie is officially in the US public domain, it’s anyone’s to use! Already we’re seeing announcements of horror films and even a video game.

As recently announced, Steamboat Willie has entered the public domain. This means Mickey and Minnie Mouse are available for use. It seems many have already started using the pair for their own financial gain. We don’t blame them, many have been waiting for this moment.

However, a lot of the newly promoted content must have started the creation process a long time before Mickey Mouse was up for grabs. With films and video games being announced, even the trailers were ready to go the second he hit the public domain.

It’s no surprise horror is the route most are going down. After all, as soon as Winnie the Pooh entered the US public domain, along came Blood and Honey, a horror film where Pooh bear turned to a life of crime and went on a savage killing spree.

It’s far from the loveable silly bear we all remember from our childhoods. In fact, it’s slightly concerning people have been waiting for so long to turn a well-loved character into something wreckless and scary. But, that seems to be the number one option.

Why they can’t make a nice, sweet film involving the characters, we don’t know. Perhaps Mickey and Pooh bear could have a crossover film, with the two characters becoming the best of friends. Bring back the childhood favourites in a wholesome way.

But, horror seems to be the genre of choice. For both films and video games. We’re set to see a film called Mouse Trap later this year. A typical American style horror where college kids get together and slowly are wiped out by a psycho mouse.

The Steamboat Willie horror game looks extremely dark, too. It’s had to undergo a name change due to suggestions it was antisemitic. The company have since apologised, claiming it was an oversight. So, from Infestation88 became Infestation: Origins.

We’d be surprised if Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey didn’t get a sequel. After all, Tigger has now entered the US public domain too. What are your thoughts? Is it too much, or understandable? Will you be checking these two things out?

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