Gemini the AI tool plans to add YouTube Music shortcuts

Gemini is an AI tool developed by Google. The idea behind it is to increase productivity across Google services. Now, they’re working on YouTube Music extensions and some useful shortcuts.

Gemini the AI tool plans to add YouTube Music shortcuts. Screenshots of Gemini and YouTube Music collaboration.
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Gemini is an artificial intelligence (AI) developed by Google that aims to enhance user experience and productivity across various Google services and platforms. Essentially, Gemini acts as a virtual assistant, helping users perform tasks, access information, and interact.

Through Gemini, users can access a range of features and functionalities. Such as managing appointments, setting reminders, searching for information, and controlling smart devices. Gemini leverages machine learning and natural language processing capabilities.

This is used to understand and respond to user queries and commands effectively. One of the key aspects of Gemini is its integration with various Google services and products. For example, Gemini can interact with Google Maps to provide navigation assistance.

With Google Calendar to schedule appointments, and with YouTube Music to manage playlists and discover new music. Additionally, Gemini offers personalised recommendations and suggestions based on user preferences, behaviour, and past interactions.

This personalised approach aims to streamline user workflows, anticipate their needs, and enhance overall user satisfaction. Gemini is continually evolving and expanding its capabilities through updates and enhancements.

As Google continues to invest in AI research and development, Gemini is expected to become even more sophisticated and versatile, offering users an increasingly seamless and intuitive experience across Google’s ecosystem.

Gemini connecting with YouTube Music

According to Android Authority, a new option to connect YouTube Music to Gemini is hidden in the latest Google app on Android. This integration would let Gemini “access and manage” playlists and more on YouTube Music, as well as search for songs, start playback, and more.

The feature isn’t live yet, but when it arrives, it will be in the “Extensions” menu. Gemini for Android is also getting ready to support new shortcuts. These shortcuts include a quicker way to switch back to Google Assistant, and a way to easily turn off Gemini Advanced.

Google will also be adding a shortcut for turning on or off “Live prompts.” Right now, none of these shortcuts are available. We haven’t yet heard news as to when these features will be available. But, they are being worked on so hopefully sooner rather than later. sign up for free GIF
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