Search YouTube Music by humming the track

If you’re an Android user, you’ll now be able to find that song you’ve been looking for on YouTube Music. However, you won’t need to know the lyrics. Instead, you can simply hum the tune.

YouTube Music are rolling out a new feature for Android users. Now, users will be able to find new music by simply humming the tune. If you’ve heard a song you really enjoyed but can’t remember the lyrics, you can instead hum and allow YouTube Music to pick up the sound.

To mimic Shazam, YouTube Music is introducing the new feature on Android. It will allow users to play, sing or hum a song and will then search through its library to find a match. Simply click on the magnifying glass icon, which can be found in the top-right corner.

You’ll then see a waveform icon appear next to the microphone. From there, you can search using nothing more than your voice. If you remember the lyrics, great, sing along, it will have more chance of finding the track. However, humming will do the trick too.

The process has been described as fast, so you won’t be waiting around while the platform searches. However, it hasn’t been said how accurate this feature is just yet. After all, how well can a phone pick up the hum of someone who may not be in tune?

Once the song has been located, you’ll see the cover art, song name and artist name appear. You can then save the track whether you’re in online or offline mode. You’re able to play it and add it to your library shortcuts. So, it’s quite a smooth process.

To exit the screen and start again, you can press the exit button in the top-left corner. You can then perform another search if that one wasn’t quite right. We aren’t sure yet if or when this will be introduced to iOS. However, we’d imagine they’re working on it. sign up for free GIF
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