Shazam now supports Live Activities across compatible iPhones

If you have an iPhone 14 or above, you will be able to access the Dynamic Island through Apple Music’s Shazam platform. It acts in live time, allowing you to navigate apps while it searches for your sound.

Today, the Shazam app has been updated to version 17.11, adding support for Live Activities on all compatible iPhone models. Live Activities ensures the user is updated while the platform searches for music within the background. It means you can multitask.

If you’re using other apps at the same time, you won’t need to worry about keeping Shazam up and running. Instead, you can minimise the app and it will continue searching. It can find songs through one app while you listen on another app.

If you have an iPhone 15, 15 Pro, or 14 Pro, you can now keep Shazam’s music detection running in the background through the Dynamic Island while you use other features on your device. It gives a lot more freedom than previously available.

How live activities support works

The Dynamic Island was a key feature of the iPhone 14 Pro released in 2022. It’s surprising that the Apple-owned Shazam app is only now adding support for Live Activities. Even though it’s nearly two years late, it’s a welcome addition, making it easier to multitask on your iPhone.

One of the best ways to use Shazam is through the Control Center toggle. It starts music detection with just one tap. Thankfully, Shazam’s Live Activities support works just as well when you use Control Center. You don’t need to open the full Shazam app to start listening.

When Shazam is listening for music, you’ll see its status in the Dynamic Island. Once a song is detected, the Dynamic Island will show a notification with haptic feedback, letting you know what song was found. Keeping you in the loop the whole time. sign up for free GIF
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