Hum that tune – YouTube to introduce a feature similar to Shazam

YouTube are working on adding a feature which will allow users to hum a tune to identify it. In a similar way to how Shazam works, but without the need of any lyrics.

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Shazam has been a solid platform since it first came about. Nobody speaks about it any more, but most people still use it to identify a song. It’s like an unspoken secret, that’s not really that secret. People think they’re gatekeeping a special way to find that song that’s been playing round in their heads, but really, it’s common knowledge.

The concept is, you open Shazam while a song you like is playing, and the app locates the name of the song, along with the artist. This is an Apple product, so it will encourage you to open the track through Apple Music. However, you can just note the name and take it to any streaming platform of your choice.

When Shazam first came around it was revolutionary. You no longer had to hope the song you’d briefly heard somewhere would play on the radio where you could listen out for the name. Nor, did you have to try and sing it to a friend using the few words you knew. Instead, you’d open your phone app and hit the big Shazam button while listening to a few seconds.

YouTube have sat back and watched the success that has come from this. While no one still mentions Shazam, everyone still knows its importance. There’s no need to discuss it because it’s just a known fact that people use it to find song they don’t know the name of. You can even use Shazam on YouTube itself.

If a vlogger you like is playing a song, and you want to know what it is, you can directly link the video to Shazam and find the music instantly. However, perhaps not for long now YouTube are creating their own version. YouTube’s version of this will allow users to hum into the microphone. The platform will then pick up the notes hummed.

This is a fantastic development. With many individuals hearing a song they enjoy but not being able to remember lyrics that fast. A beat or rhythm is much easier to remember quickly. Now, they’ll be able to hum along and let YouTube do the hard work of finding the correct track. If you do know some of the words, you can sing a short snippet to help the lookup tool.

If you’re looking to hum into the mic, you’ll need at least 10 seconds of tune. Otherwise, the software doesn’t have enough to go off. Many songs have similar tunes, so try and find an obvious part of the track if you can. Typically though, these are the parts that stick in the mind, so it might not be too hard to do so.

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