3 reasons why you should subscribe to newsletters

Newsletters offer information and insights that you likely can’t find anywhere else. If you’re a fan of the product, company or individual, you should consider being a part of their regular updates.

3 reasons why you should subscribe to newsletters. PUSH.fm newsletter GIF.

Newsletters are a brilliant tool. They offer inside knowledge into a company or brand. Often, you’ll learn new skills or ways of thinking from newsletters as the author knows the brand better than anyone. Many individuals overlook newsletters, considering them to be annoying marketing outlets. However, they’re far from that.

You’ll find snippets within a newsletter that you wouldn’t find within a blog. They have a lot more personality to them. Also, they’re a lot more to the point, so, as an information source they’re pretty handy. We’re going to give you just 3 reasons as to why you should consider signing yourself up to receive newsletters.

1. Deals and discounts

Individuals writing a newsletter have the best inside knowledge on a brand or product. They’re there to tell you how everything works and to show you why you should consider them over their competition. It’s highly likely included in the odd newsletter will be a deal or a discount. Rather than paying full price, you could receive a portion off the product.

After all, they want you to want to keep coming back. They want readers on their newsletter. This is the place you’ll probably find the best discounts too. Why would they offer better discounts on their socials where anyone can find them, when, instead, they could give deals to those who take the time to read what they have to say.

2. Exclusive content

If you’re subscribed to your favourite artist, or creator’s newsletter, that’s where you’ll find content no one else can. Why? Well, they’re rewarding you for being part of their support. If you’re taking the time to read what they have to say, they’ll want to give back. So, it’s likely you’ll find extra clips, designs, and ideas through a newsletter.

A newsletter is a very personal thing. It’s a way for an individual to reach out separate from a brand or company. They can offer their own unique experiences which the brand might not share. If you’re looking for in depth how to guides or suggestions on how best to use a product, the newsletter should be your go to.

3. To learn

As touched on in previous points, a newsletter is a fantastic learning tool. It’s written in a way that is easy to digest and to understand. You can learn in a more personal way. Blogs often have a set structure, some are stricter than others. They’re a professional place where facts must overweigh opinions. Newsletters are different.

In a newsletter you will only have someone’s opinion. You’re subscribing knowing you appreciate that person’s tone of voice, opinions, and how they carry themselves. Newsletters often follow on week by week. So, if you learn how to put a chair together one week, you might learn the table the following week for example.

Depending on the individual writing the newsletter will depend on how often you receive them. However, many range from once a week, to once a month. You’re not going to be bombarded with spam emails. Instead, just a little reminder each time a new edition goes live. They’re really valuable tools, so you should check them out.

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