Stand out from your competition with a digital portfolio link

In 2023, there isn’t the need for a physical portfolio in most creative paths. Instead, everything is online and digital. However, don’t stick to a PowerPoint style file. Create your own URL containing all your work.

Stand out from your competition with a digital portfolio link: Smart Link for Jane Doe with various designs as the background.

As a graphic designer, photographer, musical theatre performer, programmer, musician or any creative path, you don’t want to be known for being mundane. You won’t stand out if you don’t make yourself memorable. One way of standing out is through your portfolio. After all, your portfolio speaks for you when you can’t.

Having a basic printed CV won’t help your cause. If you’re going for a creative role, you need to think outside the box. Why not create yourself a unique URL containing your best work, as well as your resume? It’s unlikely your competition will have thought to do the same. Even if they display their portfolio digitally, will they have their own web link?

When it comes to deciding how to promote yourself, you need to think; what will make you stand out? Consider creating a personalised URL. Within this, you can include your social media profiles which likely contain a lot of your recent work, a resume, any testimonials, and even a link to your online diary if a potential client wants to book you.

The more you can add to your Smart Link, the better. It will show you in a whole range of situations. It’s important you show you’re adaptable and what better way than compiling a list of all your previous projects under one easy to understand link? Your link can be visited as many times as the potential employer wants.

The best part is, you can see in your statistics just how many times your link has been interacted with, so you may even get some form of idea how well you stand out compared to others. If your link has been viewed many times, then clearly you have made an impression. It isn’t every day they see a Smart Link containing a portfolio after all.

We have many articles explaining how best to make yourself a Smart Link. Consider creating your own ahead of your next job application. It could help make the difference between getting that interview or not. You’ll have the chance to show more than others too because you’re putting multiple resources into one. sign up for free GIF
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