PUSH 101: how to understand and use your PUSH.fm Fan Link statistics

Fan Links are the new go-to when bundling up multiple URLs in social posts and bios. Their performance can teach you a lot about how you design them, what to include and how to share them.

Fan Links are customisable landing pages that house all the links to your content, pages and platforms. They are shared via URL and can be tracked; meaning you can access valuable insights into your fans’ behaviour and interactions.

Understanding individual Fan Link data

PUSH fm Fan Link data

You can view this interface by navigating to an individual Fan Link, opening the ellipsis menu and selecting view performance data. This page means you can view the performances of individual campaigns and see exactly what has, and hasn’t worked.

PUSH fm statistics

📘 The top blue bar gives you an overview of total visits, conversions and success rate. Alongside these is with the performance of each over the previous 12 months.

Fan Link visits & conversions

Fan Link visits and converaions

🔗 Fan Link visits – view how many visits your link has had over the past week, 28 days, 1 year or all time.

Visits show how many people have clicked on your Fan Link URL; however, this does not necessarily mean your fans have clicked through to access your content.

🖇 Fan Link conversions – see how many conversions you’ve had over the past week, 28 days, 1 year or all time.

Conversions occur when fans click on your fan link, and then navigate through to one of the pages you have linked to in your landing page. They show you that your fans are purposely seeking out and accessing your content; perfecting for gauging success rates.

Campaign engagement

Campaign engagements

👐 Campaign engagement – this chart shows you the time of day people interacted with your Fan Link over the past week (which you can toggle by day).

See the times of day that your conversions happen and when people are actively accessing your content.

Top service providers

Top service providers

🥇 Top service providers – here you can see a breakdown of your most popular links within your landing page. You can view these insights in either week, 28 day, year or all-time sections.

Improving Fan Link performance


There are a large number of reasons why your Fan Link might be getting a low number of visits. Reasons include:

🙈 Limited exposure – your link URL is reaching a small audience. This is ok! Fledgling businesses and musicians will inevitably have small fan bases. Focus on growing your fan base and creating relationships with your fans and your visits will increase in no time.

😖 Non-descript link URL – PUSH allows you to add your own URL ending into your fan links, such as push.fm/fl/iamafanlink. This is perfect for informing people what they’re clicking on and gives them a taste of what it will contain. If you’re naming your link incorrectly, dishonestly or not using a URL ending, people might be put off from clicking on it.


📸 Boring/weak imagery – Your landing page should be eye-catching, bold and embody your brand’s aesthetics. If your images are bland then people will be less likely to click on the bounty that’s linked within, meaning less conversions. Try using bright colours, GIFs or high-contrast images in your Fan Link to increase those conversion numbers.

🔗 Missing links/platforms – conversions may be low because your fans can’t find the content they’re looking for, or the social platforms they prefer to use. Make sure you’ve included links to all of your socials and your most popular content. Make sure your buttons and logos are accurately describing your content, too.

Service providers

⬆ Wrongly ordered links – Consider placing the links that make up the largest portion of the donut chart, at the top of your landing pages. If your best performing platforms are placed at the bottom of your landing pages, they are less likely to be seen and engaged with.

🥧 Popular platforms – if it’s clear your fans heavily prefer one platform, use this to your advantage! Put more time and effort into marketing on that specific platform as it’s evident that’s where your fans will most likely go to access your content.

If you’re wanting to learn how else you can use your insights to boost your marketing game, check out our other articles.

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