How independent artists can collect their YouTube royalties

Photo by Adam Fejes from Pexels
Photo by Adam Fejes from Pexels

YouTube Content ID allows you to control your copyrights and get paid for the use of your music. This doesn’t just mean in your own videos, Content ID will help you monetize your songs across the whole platform.

❓What is YouTube Content ID?

YouTube Content ID is an automated system developed by Google that identifies whenever copyrighted content is used in a video.

Simply put, whenever a song is added to the Content ID system, a digital ‘fingerprint‘ of it is created. Every single video is then scanned, and if a ‘fingerprint match‘ is found, you can collect revenue from it.

📨 How do I send my music to Content ID?

Our partners at RouteNote can get your music sent to YouTube Content ID completely free of charge, and you’ll keep 85% of your royalties. They also offer a paid plan which means you can keep 100% of your royalties.

Most other distributors will offer YouTube Content ID as one of their platforms they distribute to. However, some may have hidden fees or take larger cuts of your royalties when sending your music to this platform.

❌ What can’t I send to Content ID?

There are certain types of content that isn’t accepted, including:

❌ Non-exclusive backing tracks
❌ Sample packs
❌ Public domain content
❌ Classical compositions

❌ Remixes, bootlegs or mash-ups
❌ Compilations
❌ Music you don’t own the rights to
❌ Live performances

If you’re unsure if your music qualifies for YouTube Content ID, check with your distributor.

📍 Is Content ID available for other platforms?

Facebook and Instagram have very similar Content ID systems in place, which operate very much in the same way as YouTube.

Our partners at RouteNote offer Content ID for both of these platforms as well as YouTube Content ID.

Other distributors will offer Facebook and Instagram Content ID, however as mentioned before, may charge hidden fees or extra percentage cuts.

To learn more about Content ID, check out YouTube’s handy video:

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