5 easy, go-to content marketing tips & tricks

Need some quick and easy hacks that you can use to push your content harder? Find out our go-to tips for sprucing up our promotional campaigns.

💻 Be prevalent on socials

Building a page on one social platform isn’t going to cut it nowadays. In order to reach a wider audience, you need to make sure you’re covering as many socials as you can. The more social platforms you’re available on, the wider your potential fan base and bigger your exposure.

Find out how to choose which social platforms will best suit you here.

👄 Join in discussions

The best way of getting your name out there is joining in on conversations with other like-minded brands, businesses and discussions. New audiences will get to know what you and your brand are about whilst forming lasting relationships.

❌ Joining in discussions by posting “look at my brand!” or “buy my products” is not a good look and will put people off. Remember to be yourself, be sincere and create meaningful discussion; it’ll pay off in the long run.

💌 Create relationships

Creating lasting relationships with your audience will boost engagement and keep them coming back. Build connections by responding to their comments, integrating polls & suggestions into your posts/stories, and rewarding their loyalty with exclusive content or surprise news.

👗 Stay true to you

Make sure the content you’re posting reflects your brand’s voice and personality. For example, if your brand is very personable, down to earth and relatable… keep your content casual, easy to digest and relaxed.

If your struggling to identify exactly what your brand voice is… brainstorm all the words you’d want associated with your brand, and the kinds of emotions you’d want your audience to feel towards your content.

⌨ Remind audiences to follow you

It might seem like a silly suggestion, but remind your audience to like/subscribe/follow you on social platforms or sign up to your newsletter. Without this reminder they could simply forget to subscribe to your content even if they’re enjoying it.

At the end of each video, blog post, or podcast always remember to add in little reminders. A little audible or visual shout out can go a long way and can help turn new audiences into loyal fans.

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