The importance of a link in bio

A link in bio refers to the link that is present within a creator or brand’s social media bio. This is often a Smart Link containing multiple URLs in one.

A link in bio is simply a URL that is found within the bio of a person’s social media account. You’ll often see brands or individuals refer back to this link, encouraging people to view it as this is where their products or services can be accessed.

Bio Links can contain anything the individual wants to share. From websites, to booking systems and social media accounts. If they want you to see it, they’ll add it into their Bio Link. It’s an easy way to share everything you need people to know about.

Anyone can create a link in bio. You don’t need to be part of a business or organisation. If you’re simply wanting to connect all your social media accounts, you can set up a link in bio to do so. They’re completely customisable to represent you.

Customisable Bio Links

When creating a link in bio through, you can change the URL text. This means instead of having a URL made up of random words and numbers, you can choose what yours says. Those visiting your Bio Link will know it’s yours.

Link in bios are an important free marketing tool. Rather than promoting multiple URLs, you can promote just one. It contains everything under one roof. They’re editable and adaptable, so you can always keep it up to date.

Any brand or business who doesn’t have a link within their social media bios is missing out. Your potential customers and current consumers want to find what they’re looking for with ease. By not adding a Bio Link you’re making it more difficult for them.

If you haven’t already, we’d suggest creating yourself a free link in bio and adding it to all social media accounts. Then, anyone clicking on your page can immediately see who you are and what you offer. They’re arguably the best tool you can have. sign up for free GIF
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