Pay Links – convenient, hassle-free marketing tool for new Mum PTs

If you’re looking for an easy way to take your fitness plans online and earn money doing it, we have the tool for you. If new Mums can’t come to you, go to them by creating a free Pay Link.

As a personal trainer, your name is your brand. You rely on word of mouth and most importantly, successful marketing. Have you ever thought about selling your routines to those who can’t come to you, perhaps new mothers? Well, our FREE tool could be what you need.

Your target market can’t always come to you. Fitting exercise around nap times, feeding hours, and everything else having a small child brings just isn’t always possible. Many new Mums simply can’t leave the house, or might not want to.

But, this isn’t to say they don’t want to be able to exercise from home. Many don’t know where to start though. Whether they were a frequent gym go-er before having a child or not, a lot of people don’t have equipment at home to start working out.

Not only that, but they have a tiny human to protect and watch at all times. They might be lucky to fit in a workout while their child sleeps, but often with children it’s not that straight forward. What child sleeps through, really?

So, if there was a way to exercise while also entertaining their child, surely most women would on board, right? No equipment needed, other than your baby. Promote bonding time and fitness all in one. It’s a fantastic niche for any personal trainer.

Personal trainers for new Mums

Ok, so we have established your clients can’t come to you, so what next? Well, you could video call each client, but that isn’t very flexible for new Mums. Think about it, if their child is fussy at the time they need to log on, it’s not going to happen.

It means you’re less likely to have your one-to-one session, and they get nothing out of the lesson either. Neither of you are winners. Instead, why not make everything accessible at any time of the day? They can work out at a time that works for them.

There are a couple of avenues you could take. You could decide to record step-by-step videos and provide your clients with these. They can then follow them whenever they’re able to. Or, you could write up an easy guide which they can also follow whenever they have time.

Mummy and me workout guide on a laptop. Next to the laptop is a weight lifting female graphic

How personal trainers can make easy money

You’ve already got the workout plans. All you need to do is record a tutorial, or type up a quick guide. The content is already there, it just needs to be communicated to your clients. So, that’s where we come in with our free tools.

Creating a Pay Link won’t cost you anything. You don’t need to pay to sign up to PUSH, nor do you have to pay for our services. Instead, you can sign up and just start earning. Our Pay Link tool is what you will find most beneficial as a personal trainer.

What does a Pay Link do?

Good question. A Pay Link is a digital customisable URL which allows you to sell a service. This service must be in the form of a digital file. Exactly like a video tutorial or PDF with a workout guide would be. You set your price too.

Your clients will see your link (because you’ll share it across all your socials of course), and they will be able to follow the link, input their card details or add their PayPal and instantly download your workouts.

You can create unlimited Pay Links. This is great for any PT. You likely have a lot of clients with different needs. Why not create a different Pay Link for each nice? Or, regularly add new content for new Mums. It keeps it fresh for them, and keeps you earning.

Above you’ll see an example we have made for you. It took minutes to create and could end up earning a PT a lot of money because it’s so simple that anyone can download it and get started. A lot of the time fitness can seem gate-kept. But not with this method.

We added an image of a lady and her child taking part in Mummy and me exercises as our Feature Image. Then, we added in a link title, changed our URL to make it personal to us, and added a description encouraging Mums to get started.

From here, we added two payment methods, and uploaded our file which was a PDF of a workout guide. Finally, we also added in a background image to make our link stand out. To download the file, all a Mum needs to do is click Purchase, input their details and download.

They then have that file forever. It allows them to continue repeating the exercise steps over and over. When they get bored, or aren’t seeing the results any more, they can come back to you and purchase your next guide.

As mentioned previously, it’s your choice on how much this would cost. You can set your own pricing for your Pay Links. Perhaps you could even run sales here and there, closing your link after a set amount of time. It’s completely your choice.

With a free marketing tool like this, it seems silly not to use it. They cost you nothing, and could earn you extra money. Carry on your day-to-day sessions with other clients, but make something digital to help you earn more alongside this.

For us, it’s a no brainer. You earn money, your clients can enjoy your content without having to miss out. It doesn’t take you any extra time. You could literally create your link while sighing that your YouTube ad isn’t skippable – and away you go. Try it for yourself!

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