Pre-saves – a game changer for all music artists

A Pre-save is a digital pre-ordering system, allowing fans to save their favourite artist’s new tracks ahead of release day. On the day of release, they’ll find it within their music library.

Pre-saves are extremely popular tools with all music artists. They can secure streams on release day and make the whole process run smoothly. A Pre-save is one of the most powerful tools an independent artist can have, as they take the pressure off you as an artist from having to promote your streaming store links.

How do they work? Well, an artist will design their own Pre-save by customising it and adding links to their upcoming release on Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music. Their fans can then save the track on their preferred store, and on release day the music will be placed into their library automatically. Allowing your fans to stream your track straight away.

It takes the pressure off you as an artist. You can focus on promoting your link before it goes live, rather than waiting until it has and then trying to share multiple links at once. You’re also able to drive the excitement and guarantee streams. When people Pre-save your track, their streaming platform will suggest it within their playlists once it’s released.

Benefits of using a Pre-save

👆 More streams – your music will be placed in fan’s libraries, so they cannot forget to save it.
🎼 Be playlisted – get yourself on Spotify’s radar, and get added to their editorial playlists.
🧑 Grow your audience – the bigger your track gets, the more it will encourage listeners.
🥵 Take the pressure off – save yourself stress by promoting early.
📣 Share further – the more time you have to promote your release, the further it will reach.
🔗 Automatic Fan Link – with PUSH, you’ll have a Fan Link created when your Pre-save ends.

You can share your Pre-save link anywhere that you’re able to share a URL. Add it to your bio. Share it to every piece of marketing you release. Creating them through is completely free, and you can customise them to represent you as an artist. If you’re a music artist at any level, you should certainly look into creating yourself a Pre-save.

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