Pre-saves – the game-changer in music marketing and how to use them for your next release

Pre-saves are digital pre-orders. They allow your audience to save your music ahead of its release date. Meaning, once your track goes live, it will be automatically placed into their library.

Pre-save example

Pre-saves are an important tool for any musician to have. They encourage your fans to save your track or album ahead of its release date. This ensures you have listeners once your music hits stores. It will automatically be placed into their library, so your fans don’t have to search for your music. Pre-saves are for Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer.

They’re easy for any artist to create, and with PUSH, they’re free to create. You’re able to create as many as you need. Our links are unlimited. Once you’ve created one, you can start sharing it with your audience. Share it across all social platforms, and you should expand your reach. All your fans need to do is click on your Pre-save and choose their preferred streaming store.

Benefits of Pre-saves for music promotion

When you create a Pre-save, you drive interest towards your music and yourself as an artist. This looks great to platforms like Spotify. So much so, that you’re far more likely to get pitched to Spotify’s playlists. Being a part of their editorial playlists again gets you more listeners, and therefore you expand your audience.

This is because your music is being placed into playlists that could reach people who have never heard your work before. Flicking through playlists and shuffling tracks could allow someone to find your work. Spotify are more likely to promote their own playlists over any others created. If Spotify see your music being saved, they’re more likely to take notice.

You also have a higher chance of reaching the charts on release day. Depending on how many Pre-saves you have had on your track, you might find your track performs better. This is because your fans don’t have to search for your track. It will start playing through their music shuffle on release day. This could lead to you having better visibility on the platform.

How to set up Pre-saves for your next release

To see a full step-by-step guide, please see our article about how to create a Pre-save. When it comes to promoting your Pre-save, you need to ensure you’re sharing it everywhere you can, as often as you can. Of course, don’t try and come off as spam because that will make people avoid you completely, but it is important to keep yourself in the public eye.

The more you can get people seeing your link, the more likely you are to have your Pre-save spread. Add your link into your social media bios. Include it within your emails, and add it to every promotional post you make. If you’re talking about your new release, you should be including your Pre-save link.

Pre-saves are something no musician should avoid. They are the driving force behind your music. The more people who save your music, the more it will be played on release day. You can include your social media links within your URL too, so you grow your followers as well as your online presence. In turn, this will help you grow as an artist and expand your audience. Give them a go for yourself!

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