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How musicians, producers and labels can use the breadth of tools to market their music and further their musical career.

Marketing 101: how to analyse your marketing campaign success

Once you’ve run a marketing campaign, it’s time to dig through that data. Read on and learn how to understand and analyse the fruits of your labour. First and foremost, each marketing campaign is different, and therefore each campaign’s outcomes…

Top free DIY tools to improve your visual branding

Creating strong, cohesive and eye-catching visual branding doesn’t have to cost the world. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite free tools to help make your brand stand out. Canva Canva is a graphic design website, that allows users to…

Marketing 101: How to plan an effective marketing campaign

Don’t waste your time running an ineffective and disorganised marketing campaign. Learn how to easily plan and prepare a campaign that’ll exceed your expectations. Marketing campaigns are a tough nut to crack; there are a lot of factors and influences…

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