Spotify Wrapped for Artists 2023

Spotify for Artists is a platform that allows you to customise your artist page within the platform and track how well your music is performing. When it comes to Wrapped, they offer extra perks too. Learn what they offer and how to access it here!

Spotify Wrapped for Artists 2023. Screenshot of the Spotify for Artists Wrapped banner.

Spotify Wrapped cannot be beaten. It’s a feature that many listeners look forward to all year. Hoping their favourite artists will appear under their top played. A lot of listeners take straight to social media platforms to share their most listened to statistics and the postcards that accompany them. However, what do music artists see from all of this?

Are they able to see who’s been listening? Can they see their own set of statistics? How can they share their proudest moments with their fans? Well, Spotify for Artists have a Wrapped system very similar to the one the listener sees. However, this one is artist specific. Rather than seeing information about multiple musicians, the artists will see just their achievements.

What can artists access through Spotify for Artists Wrapped?

Artists can head over to their Wrapped and access summary cards, which they can share across their socials. These appear similarly to those cards that music streamers can access. The summary cards will highlight fan engagement, which includes the number of new listeners the artists have received during 2023.

They’ll also be able to see how many shares their music has had, and how many playlists they’ve been added to. The best feature that Spotify for Artists offer through Wrapped is, sharing how many fans have them as a top artist. Artists can even see what their most popular day was. This will be the day that they had the most streams overall.

Knowing this information could change the way artists release future music. Perhaps they save their next release and share it on their most popular day. Artists can see how many countries their music has been streamed in. Perhaps allowing them to tailor their marketing to these places, or try and conquer untapped markets.

Of course, Wrapped statistics don’t show the exact locations or even countries that are streaming their music, so it would be a process of elimination. But, it could help with their future campaigns, even by just knowing countries outside your own are listening to your tracks. You can start to make your content slightly more varied.

How can artists say thanks through Spotify Wrapped?

Unfortunately, if you missed the deadline for adding a thank-you video to your Spotify for Artists account, you won’t be able to share one now. But, this doesn’t stop you creating a video which you can share to your social media accounts. You can record a little thank-you message, especially now you have the statistics right in front of you.

There are other ways you can thank your fans too. Perhaps give them a discount code to your merchandise. With Christmas right around the corner, a discount code could not only increase your sales, but also increase your fan’s likelihood of having a piece of your merch. All you need to do is head to the Merch tab, then Special Offers and click Create discount.

You’ll be promoted to choose an audience. This is where you select Wrapped. From there, you can pick a discount amount and which items you want to include in this. Perhaps allow your older items to be discounted, but anything freshly released remains full priced. This is benefiting both you and your fans that way.

Another thing you could do is head over to Spotify for Artists and start promoting your upcoming shows. You can list them, and they’ll be promoted to all Wrapped fans. Your top listeners can easily secure their tickets, providing your show is listed on one of Spotify’s partner sites. Sell out your future shows with no extra effort.

Finally, we’d recommend setting up a Fan Link. Your listeners will be able to access all of your marketing in one place. They’re free to create through PUSH, and you can customise them to represent yourself as an artist. Attach your latest music, along with your social media accounts, and any other promotion. Your fans then have all they want and need in one place. sign up for free GIF
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