America’s TikTok ban – updates of 2024

For years now, the US government has been threatening to take away TikTok for good. This comes after arguments over how data and personal information was being stored and used.

A recent bill aiming to ban TikTok has rapidly advanced through the House of Representatives. Sparking concerns among users and creators alike. This legislation, if passed, could force TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, to sell the app. Raising questions about its future and what this will mean for millions of users. Rightfully so, users are worried.

V Spehar, known for UnderTheDeskNews on TikTok, has been vocal in opposing efforts to ban the platform. Last year, they even travelled to Capitol Hill to advocate for TikTok during CEO Shou Zi Chew’s congressional testimony. Spehar highlighted the frustration felt by many TikTok users, stating that they are ready to fight against the proposed ban.

The bill’s potential impact on TikTok users is significant. If passed, it would require ByteDance to sell the app or risk it being removed from app stores. Affecting over 170 million American users. In response, TikTok has mobilised its user base to contact their representatives and express opposition to the legislation. TikTok are being backed into a corner.

TikTok creators are asking for support

Creators on TikTok are also encouraging their followers to take action. Some have posted videos urging their audiences to call senators. While others have raised awareness about the bill’s implications for data privacy and geopolitical tensions with China. It seems the people of America as a whole are worried about what the ban could mean.

Despite reassurances from TikTok’s CEO that the company operates independently of the Chinese government, concerns about data privacy persist. Lawmakers have raised questions about ByteDance’s access to user data and its potential exploitation by the Chinese government for espionage purposes. It’s an ongoing concern.

Critics argue that the focus on TikTok overlooks broader issues of data privacy and surveillance. They suggest that efforts to ban TikTok are misguided and fail to address systemic issues within the tech industry. The bill’s swift progress through the House highlights the uncertainty surrounding TikTok’s future. What will it mean for creators?

As the debate continues, TikTok users and creators remain vigilant. Advocating for their platform and the broader implications of legislative action. On both digital privacy and free expression. Many creators will lose their livelihoods if TikTok is banned. It isn’t as simple as moving platforms. TikTok is where their audience is. sign up for free GIF
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