How to add lyrics to your music on Spotify

When you’ve released a song you hope will become a catchy tune, you want people to sing along. However, how do they if they aren’t sure on the lyrics? Well, they follow along karaoke style, of course.

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Adding lyrics to Spotify is something that most music artists want to achieve. After all, how can your fans sing along if they don’t know the words? You don’t want the wrong lyrics to start circling. A question many music artists ask is how to get their lyrics online. Especially on platforms such as Spotify, since they are known for their lyrics feature.

But, the truth of it is, Spotify get their lyrics from Musixmatch. They’re synced through the platform. Popular songs of well known artists will automatically be added to Musixmatch. However, for upcoming artists, you might need to work a little harder. One way to do this is by becoming a verified artist on Musixmatch. This will allow you to add your own lyrics.

Not only can you add lyrics, but you can also edit and sync your lyrics for free. There are a lot more possibilities if you sign up and become a member of Musixmatch. You can pay to upgrade to their Pro plan, however, this isn’t needed to add, edit and sync lyrics. You can add your lyrics to Spotify without having to pay a penny.

How to sign up to Musixmatch

  1. Visit Musixmatch and choose your plan. They offer a Pro plan which is paid. However, you can create a free account and will still have access to the lyrics options.
  2. Please be aware, the free plan is located underneath the paid options. You will need to scroll past the payment tiers to find the free one.
  3. Fill in your information. Ensure you use the same email that is registered with the rest of your music information. E.g. distribution, label, management etc.

How to become a verified artist on Musixmatch

  1. Head to the section called Roster within your Musixmatch account. It will be found on your Pro homepage.
  2. Choose Add artist.
  3. Add a link to your Spotify artist profile. Complete the required information.
  4. Musixmatch will then begin verifying you as an artist. Please ensure you keep an eye on your emails as you will receive an email from them confirming or asking for further info.

How to add or correct your lyrics through Musixmatch

Any free Spotify account can edit, sync and add lyrics through Musixmatch. You don’t need to upgrade to use these features. However, if you are a Spotify Premium member, Musixmatch will connect your Spotify catalogue to a Musixmatch Pro account.

  1. Select Roster while on your Musixmatch Pro homepage.
  2. Choose a song, either from your To Do or Music tab.
  3. Select Lyrics.
  4. If you cannot locate your song, you will need to click Music > Add missing release and manually attach it to your Musixmatch account. This can take 48 hours to appear.
  5. Add or edit your lyrics.
  6. Send to publish. Your lyrics will then appear on Spotify or other platforms.

Musixmatch and Spotify tips

Ensure you write out your lyrics in full. Don’t add x2 when a line or word repeats itself. Type out the word instead for clarity. Otherwise, it could be confusing to some Spotify users. Keep your lyrics as accurate as possible. Only write the lyrics to your song. Do not add anything else into your lyrics section. No hidden messages, phrases or words.

Add tag like #VERSE or #CHORUS to label your sections. Ensure you do this for every section, so your fans know when following the lyrics which part they are in. This helps with the fluidity. Write your lyrics within the native language. Do not translate a song from Spanish to English within your lyrics for example. If the song is sang in Spanish, the lyrics should be too.

Sync your lyrics to music

Sync up your lyrics to your track. This will allow your listeners to follow the track as it plays. Without syncing, you just have a bunch of lyrics that they have to try and track. You can manually upload your audio files to Musixmatch through the Audio tab. Those with a Premium Spotify account won’t need to worry. Musixmatch will automatically retrieve your music.

  1. Choose Roster while on the Muixmatch Pro homepage.
  2. Then select a song from your To Do or Music tab.
  3. Press Sync.
  4. Musixmatch will break your lyrics up line by line. Listen to the song and adjust the timestamps where needed.
  5. Press Send to publish the changes to Spotify and all other platforms.

📌 Please note: Those in Japan will need to use PetitLyrics instead of Musixmatch. sign up for free GIF
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