Spotify’s future predictions feature for music app users

Spotify added a new little feature to keep their app exciting and fun. They introduced a fortune-teller feature, but they’ve been pretty quiet about it.

Spotify's future predictions feature for music app users. Red background with astrology symbols. In the foreground there are three smartphones with different stages of the Spotify feature on. In the middle there is a mystic ball with a Spotify logo in.

So, Spotify are known for their fun quirks and additions to their app. They often include brief summaries of listeners’ habits, or little add-ons which make their platform have the extra edge compared with their rival stores. One of their most popular being Spotify Wrapped, which many of their competitors have ‘borrowed’ and adapted over the years.

It comes down to Spotify’s features having that little extra flare. As a company, they always seem to be going above and beyond to keep the platform exciting. Adding new features regularly, even if they’re short little pop-ups that don’t stick around for long. Most recently, they’ve added a fortune-teller feature, which, reads your future…

The option should appear when you go onto the app. If it doesn’t, you will need to follow Spotify’s instructions on how to access the feature. They have a website that will take you straight to the teller. You’ll be asked to choose a topic. There are nine to choose from, but you can let the fortune-teller decide your category for you if you’d prefer.

The categories are as follows: School, Style, Lunch, Love, Career, Myself, My Future, Friends & Family, and Life’s Greatest Mysteries. Choose one of these and then get ready to ask your question. You’ll see a box appear where you will be able to input your question. However, be aware it isn’t as fluid as hoped. Despite inputting your question, it might be overridden.

Spotify will fire out some suggestion questions. Even if you go on to type your own, it seems Spotify still want you to choose one of their pre-made questions. However, typing your question in will narrow down their options. Meaning your chosen question will be somewhat relevant to what you had in mind. It just won’t be spot on.

It’s likely this is because the platform simply can’t hold an answer to everything. So, they keep them fairly generic to ensure all avenues are covered. It is, after all, just a simple little gimmick. It’s something small and fun to play on a one-time basis. Not something you’re likely to keep playing. After all, it isn’t quite a Magic 8-ball…

Once your question has been selected, you’ll need to hold your fingerprint down on your screen. Even those who have face ID need to follow this step. This is so they can input your fingerprints into their database, and they can now begin to clone you… Kidding, we’re kidding, it’s just a little bit of fun, but you can’t continue without this step.

Now, just sit back, and wait for your fortune to be read. In the form of a song that is. You’ll soon have a song revealed to you, along with the name of the artist. This will help you identify it if you want to stream it in the future. Or, you can go ahead and stream it immediately. There you have it, your very own Spotify fortune… sign up for free GIF
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