Spotify are working in collaboration with Bandsintown for live events

Spotify and Bandsintown are joining up to offer in-platform event information. Artists will be able to promote their music and fans can find live events near them.

Spotify are working in collaboration with Bandsintown for live events. Screenshot of how the platform will look.
Credit: Spotify

Spotify, the big music streaming service, and Bandsintown, which helps people find live events, are teaming up. This will make it easier for music fans to discover concerts. The partnership means that Bandsintown’s event listings will now be directly available on Spotify.

So, while users listen to music on Spotify, they can also see what concerts are coming up. This way, artists can reach Spotify’s huge audience of over 602 million monthly users and fans can easily find shows they might want to attend. A win-win for everyone.

Spotify used to work with another platform called Songkick for this kind of thing, but that partnership has ended after 13 years. Now, with Bandsintown, Spotify aims to provide an even better experience for both artists and fans. Good news for those on their platform.

Bandsintown is used by 85 million fans worldwide, while Songkick had about 15 million users before the partnership ended. This new collaboration comes at a time when the live music industry is growing rapidly, with more concerts happening every year.

For artists, this partnership means they can reach more fans and sell more tickets. Their events will be prominently displayed on Spotify, making it easier for fans to discover and attend their shows. For fans, it means they can easily find concerts featuring their favourite artists.

All without having to search multiple sources. This could lead to more people attending live music events, which is great for both artists and the industry as a whole. Overall, the goal of this partnership is to make the live music experience better for everyone involved. sign up for free GIF
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