TikTok’s new viral AI image trend

If you’re on TikTok, you’ve probably already seen plenty of AI images bouncing around the platform. Creators are making cute AI images for all events and niches, and viewers are hooked.

The photos above are some AI images we created for our TikTok account. These are similar to the kind of images that are being spread across the platform at the moment. Creators are making AI photos for all kinds of reasons. Anything from “your birth month represents your animal/food hybrid” to “find your birthday love match“.

Creators will then add images to their TikTok video in the form of the photo option. Viewers can swipe through these photos and find the one that represents them. For example, if it relates to your birthday, you’ll swipe through to find your birth month, and there you have your relevant animal etc. It isn’t just animals being used, either.

You could create a bunch of photos of fruit, or plants. Literally anything you can think of, people will stick around to swipe through. It sparks human curiosity. Even those who think they don’t care about the gimmick find themselves swiping through images to find who/what has been chosen for them. That’s why they’re so popular.

Get easy views on TikTok

They get so many views, and more importantly, a lot of shares. People will share the photos with their friends on the TikTok app because they want their friends to see their birth month result. It’s something so trivial, but it’s gone viral. Some creators will even throw in a bad apple as such. All photos will be cute, apart from one which will be the complete opposite.

Knowing this, viewers feel they need to swipe through to check if they’ve been done dirty. We created a video of this kind using the images you can see above, just to see if anyone’s video can perform well using this method. In just a couple of hours the video had hit 700+ views, which considering our channel has 102 followers, is pretty good.

Strike lucky with the right niche, and you could go viral. The best part is, the images are so easy to create. All you need to do is find the right AI tool. From there, you can input your request. Ours was a Valentine’s Day sketch, so we inputted things such as; “raccoon holding a love heart with a purple background“. That’s exactly what the AI tool then created.

Customise your AI photos

Adding each month to the photos took just minutes, and before you know it, we had a TikTok video prepared. It didn’t take a lot of work from us, but helped get our TikTok account seen. It will depend on the AI image tool of choice as to how good the output will be. For this, we used Canva. We know there are more advanced tools out there, but it worked for us.

Try creating these type of images for yourself and notice a huge increase in views. Just like with any TikTok trend, this might not be around for long. So, it’s important you use it while you can. Especially, if you’re then adding some popular sound or music to the photos. Your images will be sure to do well on the TikTok platform.

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