Make the Mona Lisa talk with the new TikTok trend – here’s how!

If you’re on TikTok, you must have seen at least one video of the Mona Lisa talking by now. Everyone has gone crazy for the latest trend of bringing pictures to life. How is it done? Keep reading!

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You have likely seen various TikTok videos where photos have been turned into interactive content. Creators have taken a still image and added effects, so it appears as though the subject within the photo is talking. It can look really impressive, but, how is it done? Well, like most things currently, it’s through AI.

There are many websites, platforms and apps which will allow you to convert your image into moving animation. Some are more realistic than others, but most are designed to be no more than harmless fun. Therefore, they aren’t often lifelike. Instead, they appear gimmicky and exaggerated. Often with the mouths moving in an over-the-top manner.


Reface is an AI tool which allows you to turn any still image into an animated video through a face animator. You can simply upload a photo and have it turned into a singing masterpiece. The lips will move in time to the song, and for the most part, you can make out your photo is singing. It doesn’t look completely realistic, but it is good fun.

The platform is available online and also on iOS and Android via an app. As well as the singing videos, you can turn any picture into an AI video by adding various visual styles. Turn your picture into an anime, or reform yourself as a Lego character. There are many styles to choose from. The final feature available allows you to swap faces.

Put your face onto the Mona Lisa. Keep her hair, outfit, and backdrop, but add your face to the frame. Choose from many famous, well-known images and create something unique. Why not put all tools together and create a singing, anime Mona Lisa? Platforms like TikTok are overwhelmed with this style of video lately because everyone wants to join in.


There is a free version for Reface. However, you are limited with what you can do. If you’re someone who wants to create fun, quirky videos often, it’s best you pay for their subscription. There are two choices for their paid accounts. You can either pay per token, or pay monthly for a subscription where you will be given a certain number of tokens.

AI videos on TikTok

As AI grows in popularity, more and more people are trying it for themselves. TikTok has seen a mass amount of videos uploaded in this style. We’re seeing photographs from years ago being brought to life, along with paintings. The Mona Lisa has been one of the main portraits to be shared across the web – people adding their own stamp on her voice.

You’ll likely come across AI created videos of people who are no longer living. Whether they’re criminals or victims telling their stories, or just famous icons from history having a chitchat to the camera. Of course, their voices aren’t accurate, but it’s thanks to apps like Reface that this is possible. There are many platforms that offer this service.

Some are better quality than others, but many cost money. Reface is great because they do offer free tokens, and if you still want more then they’re not very expensive. You can keep creating videos for all types of events. Perhaps you want to duet with your pet, or you want to bring a photo to life and have it sing Happy Birthday to a loved one.

Whatever you’re reasoning it’s easy to do. With Reface, you upload your still image, and then select a voice-over. It will then use AI tools to place your chosen sound on your image and make the subject’s mouth move in time to the track, or message. It would be really cool to see the addition of personalised voice messages.

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