Grow your TikTok account by creating photo posts

TikTok previously added a feature which allowed creators to upload multiple photos to swipe through rather than moving image. The popularity of this feature has risen drastically in recent weeks.

Grow your TikTok account by creating photo posts. Screenshot of TikTok promoting photo posts with statistics.

When TikTok first introduced photo posts, many content creators gave it a go, but it didn’t seem to take off straight away. Could this be because moving image helps tell a story better? Perhaps it’s down to how the photo posts appear. Often they have black boarders and don’t correctly fill the screen, depending on your phone type.

Moving image allows content creators to connect with their audience. They can show their true personality through a video. Their humour comes across, you get to hear their voice and see their true authentic self that hasn’t been airbrushed, or carefully positioned. It typically helps drive a connection. However, it seems there’s been a switch.

Why, we can’t quite tell you. For us, we’d expect if you want to see images, you’d go to the likes of Instagram and follow your favourite creators there. However, it seems TikTok photo posts are really in. They’re doing wonders for creators likes, and views. More and more viewers are opting to interact with swipe-through images on TikTok.

TikTok released some statistics which show photo posts are the way to go. If you haven’t already, you should start creating your own. Especially before the platform becomes oversaturated with them, or, before the moment has passed. By uploading still images in a swipe-through post, you could get 1.9 x more likes.

You could also see 2.9 x more comments, and 2.6 x more shares. These numbers are huge, which is likely why TikTok are promoting this feature, encouraging their users to start adding it to their page if they haven’t already. It does make content creating much easier. All you need to do is add some photos, a caption and away you go.

Try it for yourself. You could create more content in minutes. Save time from talking to the camera. Especially over the holidays when you’re likely snapping photos left, right and centre. You already have the content at your disposal, you just need to upload it. Watch your TikTok account grow over the holidays with this easy option! sign up for free GIF
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